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Gospel Assembly Church
Lee Ray

Lloyd Goodwin and Lee RayRead Gary King's letter to Lee Ray, dated July 21, 1998. Of course, Ray never bothered to answer this letter.

In the picture here, Lloyd Goodwin is on the left; Lee Ray is on the right.

Lee Ray is the pastor of the “Mercy Seat Ministries” formerly “Tri-City Gospel Assembly Church” in Kingsport, Tennessee. Before that, he was the assistant pastor of the GAC in Des Moines, Iowa, under Lloyd L. Goodwin, and for years was the principal of the GAC school. He passes himself off as a "man of God," and lives off the tithes and offerings of his congregation. Here are some facts about him, which he has not seen fit to repent for, at least not to the people of the GA churches.

Lee Ray is a rapist. He has had sex with at least two girls that were under age at the time, and made sexual advances on at least two others that I know of. I have personally spoken with two of these girls. One lady told me she was forcibly raped (she was under age at the time). Of course, both incidents are statutory rape. There are also allegations that he molested young boys as well as girls.

Some of the girls were strong enough to say no; others were not. One girl told Gary King that Ray had sex with her twice; at that point, she was so confused and brainwashed that she actually repented to him for being a temptation! This brave lady told me that when she repented to Ray, he told her "If you ever tell anyone you will be sorry" (sic).

At this point, hearing this story in 1997, Gary King started to realize that there was something very wrong at Gospel Assembly Church.

I wonder why Lloyd Goodwin ordained Lee Ray as a minister-- since he surely knew about all of this-- not to mention why he let him remain the principal of the school and the asst. pastor of the church. If Lee Ray's victims were to sue him in civil court, would not the Des Moines Gospel Assembly Church be liable as well?

Read Gary King's letter to Lee Ray, dated July 21, 1998. Of course, Ray never bothered to answer this letter.

If you would like to contact Lee Ray, go to my contact page, where I have his email address, and the phone and mailing address for the church.

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