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About GAC
Here you will get a quick
overview of what GAC is.

False prophecies that
Goodwin made

In this section, you will find direct quotes from Goodwin that proved to be false.

Misc quotes by Goodwin
Quotes from books and tapes. Was he power-mad or what?

Personal experiences
Personal accounts from former members of GAC. Don’t read these if you are easily offended.

Legal Stuff:
Find out how much Goodwin was worth at his death; read “Goodwin v. US” and more.
Gospel Assembly
Christian Academy

Glenn Goodwin
Glenn Goodwin (current pastor of the Des Moines GAC) calls a child molester a “great man” and more.

Lee Ray
Did you know he had sex with girls and women in the church? Did you know that he molested little boys as well?

Misc GAC photos
Photos of the church, the ministers and more.

Misc. Info
This section contains
info that does not fit
into the other categories.

Newspaper articles
Newspaper articles about GAC

The Covenants
In 1988, Goodwin made the entire church take 10 “covenants” which you can read here. Weird stuff!

Yoke of Bondage
One man's story of his
involvement in the Tom Jolly organization. Jolly was later convicted as a pedophile – and was one of Lloyd Goodwin’s mentors along with others.

William Sowders
A history of William Sowder's ministry. (Sowders was another one of Goodwin's mentors.)

Information on cults
Information and links on destructive cults, mind control, brainwashing, and more.

Visitor Comments
See what others think!

Contact info
Contact information for us and Des Moines GAC

Other web pages about
Gospel Assembly Churches

Erroneous Goodwin teachings
This section refutes some of Goodwin's doctrines.

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Gospel Assembly Sound Bytes

In this section, you can hear Goodwin for yourself! Bear in mind that these sound bytes may take a several minutes for your computer to load, depending on your internet connection speed. Even if it looks like your computer is doing nothing, it is probably loading the file; wait a few minutes and it should pop up on your screen.
If you want to read the words while you listen, just right-click on the link and left-click “open in new window” and you can read while the file plays.

Goodwin expresses his admiration for Hitler
From Lloyd Goodwin's last sermon, July 20, 1996. This has got to be the sickest thing I have ever heard Lloyd Goodwin say. How could anyone express admiration for Hitler, a man who tortured and killed six million Jews? And remember, this is the sermon that Glenn Goodwin
refers to on his website as "a powerful, anointed message."

"Your experience with Christ will only put you in the final resurrection!"
This one is pretty self-explanatory, I think -- just another sound byte from that king of narcissistic wackos, Lloyd L. Goodwin.

Destroying the object that draws the crowd
From Lloyd Goodwin's last sermon, July 20, 1996. Here Goodwin says that if you destroy the object that draws the crowd, then the crowd will no longer come. Well, I guess that was a fact, wasn't it? After all, Lloyd Goodwin built the church around himself. Now look at it -- they have lost hundreds of people.

Who was Lloyd Goodwin's secret girlfriend?


“Because I was asked to remove the audios, I did after someone had my website shut down. So I removed the actual audios although I do still have them. But I am going to put the words without the name he was using. I think this should be here. Because I feel sorry for this young woman who was just a child when this started and a victim, I’m respecting her privacy.”

All pastors who teach the Trinity will go to hell
This is from a sermon Goodwin gave on March 5, 1994. Here Goodwin tells the church that any minister that teaches the Trinity will go to hell-- whether that minister is a moral man or not.

"Let that preacher be damned!"
This is from Goodwin's last sermon, July 20, 1996. Goodwin died from a heart attack right after the sermon. Here Goodwin says that any minister that does not support his message should be damned.

"A power of the world to come!"
Another sound byte from Goodwin's last sermon. Here Goodwin screams that he is to be submitted to and respected.

Goodwin's delusion
This sound byte is from a sermon that Goodwin gave several weeks before he died, in which he says that Jesus appeared to him. He says that
Jesus tells him he has another 10 years to live; yet several weeks later, Goodwin was dead.

Loyalty to Goodwin
Same sermon as above. In this sound byte Goodwin says that anyone on his staff or anyone that lives on the church property that doesn't have undying loyalty to Goodwin "will no longer have a position on our church staff, or live on our church property."

What Jesus was supposedly wearing (part one)
Again, same sermon. Here Goodwin describes how Jesus was dressed. I broke this into two files, since it is a large file.

What Jesus was supposedly wearing (part two)
This continues exactly where it left off in part one.

Dying before 70 or 80
Here Goodwin explains that the only people that die before 70 or 80 years old are people who are under the judgement of God. Goodwin was 67 when he died. This is from a sermon dated 8/24/1988.

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