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Posted on 7/19/2000 at 07:12:11 PM by female4Jesus


I for one REALLY appreciate this message board and the website. I applaud your courage in starting this site. You have no idea how much it has helped me. I can now speak to my family about what happened at GAC and can send them to the site to see that I am not the only one that thinks and feels this way. Although my family has not visited the site (to my knowledge) it has opened a door and allowed me to speak about things not only here but also with my family.

For a few years I called GAC a cult ... secretly in my heart at least. I thought I was the only one that thought this way and thought surely God would "get" me for thinking this. When I found this board and the website, I found relief and freedom. I know that there are some pretty immature people that post here and some people that just want to argue, but, don't let that deter from the good work that you have done. Those people are not really angry with you, they just don’t know how else to express whatever it is inside of them that makes them so angry so they take it out on other people. Some people cannot appreciate the fact that you have to do some things for protection of them. But, I just wanted to let you know from my heart that your website is a tremendous blessing to me and I thank you for having the courage to start it and to stand up for what is right.

I just want to add this ....

For many years people "knew" of the things that were happening at GAC. They knew, they saw, they witnessed. People in Jolly's fellowship will even tell you that they knew 30 years ago that Jolly was molesting kids. People in Goodwin's fellowship will tell you that they knew he was carrying on affairs with young women. People will talk of all the malicious money deals they saw. Yet, in all of GAC history, more than 50 years, even though people saw and witnessed and experienced things, no one really took a stand like you have Mike. I do not in any way condemn the people that did not speak up. I can understand the fears and the brainwashing that kept them from doing it. But, I do have a lot of respect for you Mike for taking a stand and for helping those people that have left and providing a place of warning to those that still may be or getting ready to be involved. YOu should be very proud Mike. I know I am proud of you. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


From: David J. Beougher

Dear Mike,

Thank you for reminding me about your very nice chat room. Since I have become a member, I have joined in on the chats about six times now and I have not heard you join in yet. You are probably too busy at this time to join in. I think that you are a super person by what I have learned about you already and I would like to get to know you better. I have printed Wayne Hamburger's book and I am reading it now. The group of GAC that he was a part of is the same group that I am with now, Just not under Jolly anymore, but our Assembly is becoming more free. I have a full face of hair and my wife and many other women have let their hair down and are wearing short sleeves and are allowed to perform in worship on the platform. Our ministers has told us that if it is not a command from Christ that we where free to do as our conscience would allow us to. He also has become more like the servant of Christ to shepherd Gods sheep and not to drive them. I have enjoyed Wayne’s book and I have printed your entire web site. I have also printed most of the message board and have enjoyed all of it to date. I love the challenge that you put out to the leaders at GAC. I would like to see a debate conspire. Thanks again, you are doing a fine job. And I would fell proud to call you brother.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Brother Dave

Posted on 7/15/2000 at 02:19:11 PM by Cathy Gilpin Stasel

Hi my name is Cathy and i attended the Kingsport church. I would love to hear from some of the people i went to church with there. Just to name a few are The Bissette's, The Vest, The Spears family, the Bakers, Emily Rozario, Christy Fleming, And if anyone knows Carolyn Rader from louisville i would like to hear from her also. My e-mail address is

May God bless and keep each one who post on this board

Posted on 7/20/2000 at 09:45:53 AM by Lloyd

I just re-read the page on Glenn Goodwin. Has anyone else noticed what Glenn said about "the church" binding someone on earth?

If my reading of Glenn's statement is right, then Jesus Christ could not and cannot save Martin Luther because he was bound on earth by the church -- remember the papal bull -- that also claims to have the keys to the kingdom.

Isn't it amazing that every church can have the same set of keys? I mean, has True Value Hardware been around that long? Were they there when Jesus started handing out the keys?

Also, where does any human being -- minister or otherwise -- get off claiming what Jesus Christ can or cannot do?

Let's think about Glenn's scenario for a moment. Glenn claims that his church has the keys to the kingdom. A lot of other churches would claim the same thing. So, if I leave Church A and they bind me with their keys and join Glenn's church (Church B), then only Church A can lose me and Christ cannot save me -- even if I'm in Gospel Assembly.

I think I know what Glenn's response would be -- "Well, Babylon really doesn't have the keys to the kingdom." Well, isn't that convenient. They'd better sue True Value for doing a bad copying job.

Boy, it's really starting to get deep and stinky around here. Better put on your waders when you go to church.


It's only logical that the scripture would mean that if our will is that of God's -- which I would dare say is hardly ever the case -- then what we do on earth is sanctioned in heaven or vice versa.

What I think is humorous about Glenn's quote is that his own uncle -- Lloyd L. Goodwin -- taught that just because you're outside the church doesn't mean your outside the grace of God (he used as an example the man in I Corinthians 5). Glenn, on the other hand, would say that if you are outside the church and they have bound you, then not even Jesus can save you. My take on Glenn's quote is that he is comparing binding to excommunication. But what Glenn fails to consider -- and what you point out -- is that we as humans don't always operate in the right and if that is the case, you can bind whoever you want on earth -- they still won't be bound in heaven.

Additionally, at least the Catholic Church believes in apostolic succession and this is their argument for how the current church also has the keys to the kingdom. Gospel Assembly does not believe in apostolic succession; therefore, how could they have the keys to the kingdom? If the keys were given to the twelve -- minus Judas plus Matthias -- how did today's church come to receive them?

I for one do not believe that all of the power vested in the twelve apostles is vested in today's church. For example, when was the last time that a Gospel Assembly minister's shadow healed someone? I've never seen their shadow because they tend to operate in the dark. They don't want the light of day and/or reason shining in on them.

I feel that it is the height of arrogance to equate yourself with individuals who walked, talked, and lived with Jesus for 3 1/2 years and knew him personally. These men -- in my mind -- don't even come up to the level of Judas in this regard. I'm not suggesting that they have betrayed the Lord, but rather that they do not have a personal (and I mean personal) relationship with Jesus as a human walking this earth.

Common sense tells us that the twelve disciples saw Jesus on a daily basis -- with all of the human characteristics that go with it. Even if Jesus never sinned, it doesn't mean he didn't have bodily functions or snore at night. Think about meeting Jesus just after he spent 40 days and nights in a wilderness -- isn't the thought of that smell appealing?

And keep in mind that these twelve men still didn't understand Jesus and what he was all about. It's amazing that people 2,000 years later not only claim to speak for him but also are willing to tell you what he can or cannot do. That's arrogance.

Posted on 7/8/2000 at 11:54:50 AM by Yossarian4010

I don't know Bro. Marlow, but many Christians, most preachers, and all GAC preachers are scared of debate, criticism, etc. Their doctrine and way of life are full of holes, and they suspect it (or know it), and are frightened. They can only exist in a reality-vacuum, constantly being pumped with preaching and praying. Even obviously true allegations are dismissed as `gossip' and `slander'. When some scandal gets so big that it can't be ignored (very rare in GAC's `See No Evil' atmosphere), the `saints' are admonished to forget all about it, lest they `destroy the Work of God' (an omnipotent God, at that!), or risk (gasp!) opposing `the Man of God'. LLG liked to compare `gossip' (i.e., any discussion that wasn't flattering) as shooting `cancer' [quote] into one's own veins.

The Internet, like television before it (and radio before that), represents `the World', and the flock must be protected from that temptation --- for their own good, of course. Unlike television, the World Wide Web provides an opportunity for everyone to have their say. Prior to this website being put up, the only criticism of GAC of any kind that I ever saw was in the Des Moines Register. Those articles were pretty tame at that, and of course, after the daily paper is read and thrown away, they're gone, so no one at GAC ever got too worried about the press. Websites like this one, however, allow ordinary people to pose an actual threat to GAC's flimsy house-of-cards. That's something to worry about! And so anyone with a vested interest in the GAC status-quo makes sure to curse the Evil Internet.

Funny. Why don't these self-appointed Guardians of the Truth jump in the fray themselves, and stand up for their God and their faith? We infidels are not worthy of their time, I guess. (That's what liars always say when you question them. Oh, they have an answer, rest assured; they just won't `dignify the question'!)

I'd love to see a legitimate response to Mike's posting, A CHALLENGE TO GLENN GOODWIN & HIS FOLLOWERS. Glenn or one of his yes-men could post anything they want, and some of the `saints' could post all kinds of `Amens'. Along with the blasphemy of Yossarian4010 and his ilk, this message board could be graced with postings from GAC faithful, parroting Goodwin&Co and shouting `Hallelujah'. (You can even use HTML to put in sound bytes!)

But I'm not holding my breath; GAC doctrine doesn't stand up in the light of day. It has to be hidden and protected in a thick shroud of zealotry, nursed along like a sick old dog, feeding on purposely-perpetuated ignorance. In the harsh glare of the a true Open Forum, it'd vanish like morning mist.

The Web is in its infancy. It was virtually unavailable to ordinary folks 5 years ago, and still only reaches maybe 20% of Americans, and much less in say, India or Africa. Had a fully-mature Web been available world-wide in William Sowders day, maybe we wouldn't even be discussing cults and religious abuse right now. Let's hope that's true someday --- sooner than later.

Keep up the Good Work, Mike. And never mind Bro. Marlow.

Posted on 7/21/2000 at 11:40:31 AM by Anne Townes

To Everyone,
Sometimes I wonder if GAC believed that children were innocent to begin with.

Maybe you all can help me with this one. I have heard many bizarre "rules and guidelines" with regards to little children. Many of these standards were taught to the nursery staff, so I am told by many people.

For example, no pacifiers because sucking is sexual and no carrying children on your hip because they may get aroused.

If these stories are true, I am truly sickened that anyone could ever take their adult, sick thoughts and indicate a child has a problem or even tendency toward sexual perversion.

If these stories are true, let us post them so future parents may be WARNED!

God Bless,

Posted on 7/22/2000 at 07:52:34 AM by female4Jesus

If you asked my opinion I would say that the leadership at Gospel Assembly's is mostly comprised of nothing more than some sexually confused and distorted men. Sometimes I have wondered if being sexually perverse was a requirement to enter the ministry. In any event, I wanted to relay some of my own personal experiences and thoughts on this subject. I never had children when I attended Gospel Assembly, but, I was a child while attending there and can you tell you first hand that it is not a good place for children to be raised.

When I was a little girl, I sucked my thumb and was constantly told to stop this "sexual" behavior. I was 5 years old. I had no idea what sexual behavior was really, but I knew it must be wrong with the Pastor and my parents telling me it was bad. I continued sucking my thumb until I was eight years old, however, not without much hassling and much guilt.

I can remember sitting in the pews for many of our overdrawn services and hearing graphic sermons on sexuality as well as how God hates us. I don't feel children need to be exposed to such sermons as those. I mean they were in no way just innuendos; these were graphic sermons that certainly were not appropriate for kids. Even movies were rated to avoid children being exposed to certain things, but GAC gave no thought to that. One has to start wondering why.

I remember when I was a young girl in the church, maybe 5 years old and an older girl around 9 began playing with me sexually when her mother would baby sit me. I quickly learned that a lot of kids had knowledge of sexual practices in my church. While I was not molested at church by a Pastor all of this sex talk and the exposure of sex from some of the older kids, I was certainly affected by it all. I can't tell you how many people I know of that have left GAC and have sexual problems or confusion. It's a massive amount. For the church to produce so many people with sexual issues is amazing. I can tell you that the teachings I heard on sex as a child and about how women are to be submissive to men at all costs, led me down a road of destruction. I entered relationships with men starting at a young age that were abusive. I stayed because it had been drilled in my heart that women submit to men. Soon, I found myself participating in some very odd sexual behavior with men. It wasn't until I started therapy that I began to unravel everything and then re-learn a lot of things. In my heart I feel like Gospel Assembly does in fact set kids up mentally to be abused and then lead perverse sexual adult lives. All this teaching about covering the elbows because they are "sexy" and may arouse a man is because for the pastors that was the case. Anything turned them on and a female of any age was open game to them. I know of some girls personally that were molested and the sexual issues they have developed are enormous. Some cannot even have a husband while others sleep around with everyone. All of the ones that I know that have been molested by a Pastor have issues with any sort of authority figure, including God.

And to think that this organization has the audacity to cal itself a church and misuse the name of the Lord that way. To take their authority and use it to abuse children. In the Bible Jesus became angry with the moneychangers in the temple for selling in the Lord's house. My peace comes in knowing that the Lord is surely angry at what these "ministers" have done, all in the church and in the name of the Lord. I would never take my child anywhere near a Gospel Assembly. It's a wicked evil place. They claim they are the "chosen" group. Well, I can agree on that - only I think they are "chosen" for something entirely different than they think they are chosen for.

The last thing I would like to share ( I think I have shared this before) is when I went to the leadership at GAC because of being molested at home, "I" was kicked out of church. Now why do you think that was? I believe it's because they feared themselves being exposed. If I could have the strength to seek help for what my father did and people began investigating, they feared a possible exposure of themselves. Isn't that loving and Godly? I suffered many years for that. I blamed myself for my dad's abuse and was certain that God hated me because I was no longer in the "body". Are these the kind of men that we want teaching our kids spiritual issues, ANY issues? I can only say to those that are there and especially ones with children.... you are not only being taught lies, you are helping to set your children on a path of destruction. I cant tell you how many people I know that have tried to commit suicide that were members of GAC. What a destructive place. I thank God everyday that I am free from the pit of deceitfulness and wickedness. If you are a current member I urge to get out. And if you are a minister, I urge to read the Bible with open eyes and realize that you are teaching lies and you will be held accountable. I also urge the Pastors to look at whom they have followed ... Goodwin and Jolly. Both very perverse men. These are the men that you uphold. And I urge the Pastors to examine your own sexuality. Are you one of these men that have sex with kids other women? If so, God forbid. Surely God will expose you one day and I can only pray that He have mercy on the souls of the people that you have hurt. Your lies DO hurt the people and they hurt God because you run off His children. YOU are supposed to be representatives of God. Jesus was very loving, non judgmental, kind, and NOT perverse. I am sad that this church even continues to be in existence.

Anyway, I am rambling now. This subject really stirs me up. I apologize for the long post. My heart goes out to any of you that were ever abused in any way and my prayers are with you. I am also praying God to expose the real things that are happening inside the so called churches of Gospel Assembly and to spare any child that may be there now from any danger that may come their way.

God bless

Posted on 7/21/2000 at 02:58:51 PM by Karen Dunmyer Pohlmier

I wanted to reply to your post and let you know that you are right about the carrying of a child on your hip. My daughter was about 10 months old and I was home from church with a migraine and I received a phone call stating that I needed to get right to the church as they where having a very important meeting regarding babies and children.

Much to my surprise that meeting was to us "young" mothers who didn't know any better than to carry your babies on your hips as this will get them sexually aroused and cause them to have an orgasm. I was sick at my stomach and had to cover my mouth because I was laughing at them. I almost laughed out loud. I couldn't believe them. It seems like to me the sick in mind gravitate to GAC.


Posted on 03/21/00 at 23:39:53 by Fred Weber

This last weekend was Gospel Assembly Church at 72nd and Meredith anniversary weekend. Bro. Marlow from Florida was their guest over the weekend. Sunday afternoon, he began to rail about the evil of the internet. He said, "Don't you approve of the internet and its gossip. It is a sewage system. Just because it is on the screen or in the paper or in a magazine; I don't have to approve it as truth. It is my right to prove what is truth." This post is a reply to his message. The internet is only one more form of written media. It is no better or worse than any other form of media, whether it be newsletters, tape ministry or radio ministry, which is the main stay of Gospel Assembly Church of Des Moines. This same internet contains a sight that Gospel Assembly Church operates. Was Bro. Marlow talking about lies on the internet pertaining to this site, also? It is full of Lloyd Goodwins and Glenn Goodwins words. Criticism of a minister's words does not make it evil or wrong. In Paul's writings, he spoke of Hymenaeus and Philetus, whose words did eat as a canker. Was Paul wrong for exposing them? Our website is only one more way of exposing and warning the public of the work going on there. It is here for you to read. It is up to each individual to decide what to do about it. At least at our site, there is a way to post your feelings and your comments, of which I am going to do from time to time. This site is not to change your faith or ideas; it is only to broaden your perspective. On to a different subject, as far as Desmond Singh's stand on liberties or the lack of them; after reading his letter to Gary King, I would like to remind him that our liberty is in Christ; not in Desmond Singh or any other preacher. God gave us the right to choose; when we make the right choices we are blessed and when we make the wrong choices we are chastise and through this process we learn. When we let ministers make our choices our spiritual growth is stunted. This has always been a problem with this fellowship and it has stunted the growth of many of God's people. Now, it is your time to choose without being oppressed. I'll get off my soapbox, now! God bless.

By Wayne Hamburger

I stand in awe of what you are doing. I thought a few years ago that my book would be the only source of truth about GAC and now you have taken it to greater heights. I admire you immensely.

Posted on 03/26/00 at 01:11:52 by Sherry Bone

Our family (myself, husband & three small children) moved to this church in 1978. We left a beautiful home and two very good paying jobs in Paducah, Kentucky where we attended the Paducah Gospel Assembly for seven years. Women were taught that men are the head of the house & you had to follow your husband. I had the option of getting a divorce and trying to raise my three children by myself, or moving. I was forced into giving up a very good paying job and a home in a town I loved because of the teachings of this cult. Because of some misunderstandings between my husband's father (an Assistant pastor in the Paducah, Ky. church) and the pastor of the Paducah church where we had attended for seven years, my husband felt he "could not be saved" in the Paducah church, so we were uprooted and moved over 800 miles away from our home. Also, my husband's father pressured my husband into moving. He would come to the house and take my husband out to speak to him privately. I knew he wanted us to move because he got his feelings hurt. This made me angry; why did we have to move because he got his feelings hurt? We moved, and eventually, the rest of my family (my parents and sisters & brother) all moved to the Fort Worth church because we were taught this was God's will for us so we "could be saved". I was appalled at the lack of manners of the members, and thought I was going to be forced into living in a dump in the church neighborhood. We were taught to live on North side close to the church so we could be servants. I rebelled & refused to live in a dump after we had worked so hard to afford a decent home. We bought a brand new house in a nice neighborhood. You can't imagine the criticism we received for buying a nice house. I was also criticized for cutting my hair, wearing my hair down and wearing a little makeup. The piano player at that time told me I needed to change my attitude (I was bitter for being forced into moving to this place). She also told me she thought there was hope for me being saved, but it would take a lot of work. I thought, how does she know what is in my heart. The women in this church looked like something from the dark ages and I thought, my God, I do not want to look like that! I came from a well-paying prominent position with a company, and dressed as a business professional. I was attacked personally about my appearance, and criticized about being a "working mom". Yet, I was the one with the attitude that needed to be changed according to them. After getting over my transplant shock, I began to make friends with some of the members, and eventually, I gave in to the peer pressure and obeyed their strict dress code (not that I had a good attitude about it, I hated it!) I used to stand in front of the mirror trying to get my hair piled on top of my head and it looked so ridiculous, I would throw hair brushes and get so angry I would tear it all down and say "If I get to heaven and find out God did not require this of me, I am going to be awfully angry") I felt like a "looney tune cartoon" and hated to go out in public. Enough of that. There were some good times of fellowship with friends, and some good times in church. Our entire family played music in the church band. We went to church often 5 times a week and were not allowed to do much else - who had time to do anything else! Part of the mind games and control came about by stipulations in order to play in the band, or sing in a group, you had to conform to the so-called "standards". We were taught we had to overcome sin in this flesh and reach perfection to be in the bride (go to heaven) and no one outside this group had a chance unless they came to us. We were also taught if we ever left, we would never fit in anywhere in this world and would be misfits for the rest of our lives. College was a no-no; it would "corrupt your mind" and you would "never be the same"; it would probably cause you to lose out with God. You didn't need college any-way or need to plan for the future because we weren't going to be here anyway by the year 2000. By then, the Bride would be caught away and Armageddon would soon follow. One thing they are right about, once you leave that "group" you are never the same. Thank God he led me out of that mess! Thank God I won't ever think like that again! I have a personal relationship with God - he is the one who paid the price for my salvation, not a man, not a cult, not an organization! Anyone who thinks they have a corner on God puts God in a little box - My God is bigger than that! The Fort Worth GAC was one of the largest in their "organization" (they do not like to be called that, but they have their own form of organization). The pastor began teaching "the grace Message" that we are saved by grace, not of works lest any man should boast. Our church was kicked out of the "general assembly" and we were disfellowshipped for teaching this so-called "Baptist" doctrine. Also, someone set fire to our church one New Year's eve and one of the members died in the church dormitory from the fire. After the fire, other GAC churches were saying we were being judged by god for teaching false doctrine. At the same time, my father was dying with Alzheimers, my sister and her husband (who were prominent members & captain of a team) left the church and we were not speaking to each other, and a lot of others began to leave and we did not know why. The ones who left weren't telling us why. We found out later that the pastor was involved in some way with one of the piano players (lots of gossip was flying & it is difficult to know how much is true and how much was embellished). There was a lot of scandal about the misuse of church funds, the firing of one bookkeeper because she questioned some of the pastor's ethics, lots of money was handed out to God only knows who for God only knows what kind of favors or controls. What a mess! Our membership of about 550 to 600 was reduced to around 30 people. We began to see for ourselves that God was no longer interested in us being in this place and we stopped going. There are several churches that split off this main branch and we have invitations to go to all of them. We have friends in most all of them and have visited several. Some of them seem to be going back to the old way of thinking and some are interested in getting members "with money" so they can grow. It is difficult to know what direction to take when you become close to people who you have worshipped God with for many years, shared joys and sorrows, prayed with them, had them eat at your table, played music with, etc. and became very close to, yet they are scattered all over the city. Some of them go to fellowships outside of GAC completely, some are so destroyed spiritually, they are battle scarred beyond recognition (perhaps we are among the scarred beyond recognition group) (I am not sure)and they don't attend church at all. We see each other at funerals, some weddings, baby showers, etc., and we share one thing in common, we all were deceived and wounded. So why not move on - ok - we are trying to, but in what direction??? Anything that resembles what we came out of makes us heart sick and nauseated. If a church does not worship God in the spirit, then it feels too shallow and void. If money is a primary issue, then it doesn't seem like what a church should be. Our so-called friends in Paducah disfellowshipped us and only one of their families contacts us. They claim to have the love of God, but do not show it. They teach they will be contaminated if they contact us like we have some kind of plague. My only daughter loved the pastor's wife in Paducah and sent them pictures of her family and wrote them a nice letter just because she wanted to share some of her joy with them. They never responded and this hurt my daughter deeply. Its little things that sound trivial that really do count - how we treat our brother. GAC also taught that your "brother" had to be a member of GAC to be classified as a "brother" according to scripture. Maybe they think that concept releases them from treating anyone outside their "group" with any form of human kindness. Well, enough for now - I am sure there are many more interesting stories than mine that could be shared by other wounded soldiers in this battle. Perhaps sharing some of the pain will help bring about a healing and open a door for others to come forward and express their grief. By the way, if I sound corrupted or back-slidden, I went to college and got a degree - I am a Registered Nurse and thankful for it!

by Freda Biggerstaff

Thanks for being brave and giving us an opportunity to come out of hiding and know we won't stand alone. I am getting braver and yes I think a chat room could be a good thing.

Posted on 03/24/00 at 14:32:25 by Kathy Lewis

Man has often fell short of living up to what he preaches. How many so called Men of God, Ministers, lives has been exposed across the papers, news, and syndicate? Quite a few, starting with Jimmy Swaggart. Man falls short when he starts claiming false glory. The famous words spoken was by a letter to a church from Apostle Paul, it's content was simple, only through grace are we able to enter into the kingdom, not a solitary thing can I do that will ever equal what Christ did on the cross. The message of grace goes against the teachings that has risen out of Gospel Assembly Churches. Be assured, "Christ died to save my soul." Not one of you so called ministers can ever save my soul, only by God's grace will i be saved.

by Sarah Dunmyer

I was raised in Gospel Assembly Church, I went to the school there I went to every church service until I was 17 years old. The Thing I hated the most is the thing they called A school. For the kids in Elkville, Ill we were told that we should be thankful we had a school like that, because the public school had nothing to offer us. What a crock. There were times I would visit my sister in Des Monies, Ia and think the church was so much better then our church. the thing with that theory is. . It was the same church that kicked her out, her husband was told to leave her. She did not want to go to church all the time. There was things she did not under stand about the church. So that told me right there what kind of a church that really was. Me and some of my friends came to Des, Moines, Ia for a Meeting. The Hotel that we stayed in had a swimming pool in it. So therefore we went swimming in it. There was people there from some other churches and saw us committing the worst sin A human could have. My sister was there also, so when we arrived back home the following week. We were called into the office by our preacher. the three of us girls and my sister had managed to tear apart some thing Lloyd Goodwin had worked so hard on. What puzzled me was how could 4 girls going swimming in their private Hotel tear up A church that A MAN had been building for over 30 years? I think the fact of the matter is they didn’t have nothing else to preach on. The entire July Meeting after the May meeting Lee Ray got up and bashed us after Lloyd Goodwin did. He said his piece for over 4hours that day. We were white trash, riffraff, prostitutes, whores. One time I was in a Des Moines, IA church service and 2 brothers were wearing handkerchiefs in their pockets of the suit jackets they had on that night. They were called French fags for that. I think it is sad the way people were treated. I think God that I do not go to any Gospel Assembly church and I pray for the people that cannot break away from it. I hope God will give them the courage to say no and stand up for themselves.

By Rebecca Kronick

I have a couple things I'd like to "get off my chest" so to speak. This is nothing new and probably nothing most of you haven't heard before.

Compared to how some others were treated, I survived my school years moderately well. But some things stand out in my memory.

My senior year had been going great so far. It was the most enjoyable year because I determined to have fun before I left for the big, bad world.

Lee Ray called of the seniors in his office one day and asked us what we were planning to do after we graduated. When he came to me, I said that I planned to work in the school for a year and then go to college. He just gave me that stony stare and moved on to the next senior. About a week or so later, the sledgehammer hit.

Our daily Bible Doctrine class arrived. LR came in with his usual stone face and mug of coffee. We all settled back in our chairs for 45 minutes of a lecture. Another fire and brimstone "the high school needs to shape up" kind of talk. Amidst all that talk, my name was called in a very ominous way. I was told that college was what damned my brother and almost sent my sister to hell. Why would I want to go to a place that would take me from the church and cause me to be on drugs. If I pursued this option, I would have no reward in heaven because I had been warned and was a rebellious girl. I sat in my hard metal folding chair and struggled to hold back the tears lest he call me a crybaby.

I went home that day and told my dad that I wasn't going to college. He was very upset. Anyone that knows my dad understands that he is an educated man and wanted his children to make something of themselves. I did not tell him the real reason why I wasn't going because I didn't want to tell him everything LR had said about our family. I went back to school the next day and made a point to tell LR that I was sorry for being a rebellious girl and I would not go to college at all. He just nodded and then turned away.

I never felt like anything I did pleased him. Kids who went to GACA were taught that we were to please LR above all else. Rules went out the window when he was around. Any other time we would get a demerit for getting out of our seat without permission but when he walked through, kids could go up to him and give him a hug or say Hi without retribution. We all loved him very much. When he said we did good, we all felt like we were on cloud 9. A lot of this is normal hero worship. But the idol turned out to be made of clay and he fell from his pedestal. We found out that maybe we weren't as bad as sometimes we thought we were. Our little trivial rebellions pale in comparison to other sins that were committed.

How many people used to beat up on themselves thinking they would never measure up to LLG or LR? Well, I'm very glad I never did. I'm glad that I never attained to that position.

Getting back to my original topic - the school - I think its so sad that none of the kids who worked their tails off have anything to show for it. If I had only gone ahead and done what my father wanted me to do, I would have a college degree today probably in veterinary science. I intend to do something at least about a GED someday, but it makes me sick inside to think that I have to even do anything.

My story isn't more dynamic than anyone else's. Some people would even say I had it easy - which I did. My parents have always been very loving and supportive of me, even when I made big mistakes that I'm not proud of. I thank God for giving me parents like that. I thank God for leading me to a church that is helping me to trust in God again and believe what He says. And most of all, my prayer is that everyone will find healing in their own way.

God bless and send his love on this Valentine's Day to everyone.

By Dave Kronick (the younger)

Ah, yes. I went to community college for a year and a half, at the cost of my very soul. Or so many were led to believe. Well, I have something to say to them. I WAS exposed to and offered drugs. Numerous golden opportunities arose to frolic with the opposite sex.

The story was spread around behind my back that I was sleeping around, and was on drugs. Well, I married my wife with a pure conscience, I've been faithfully monogamous every day since then, and I've never taken a single illegal drug once in my life.

And that's a heck of a lot more than several ministers we all know can say....

And lest any of them try to take any credit now for what I am, it's not because of a thing that I had learned in church or in school. I owe everything to the morality of my upbringing by my father and mother. They were able to bridge the gap, and keep me on track, despite the hell and physical torture I was put through in the school.

By Misti Linn

I have read many of the messages posted on your website. I am saddened to say that the first time I stepped into Gospel Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa, I immediately knew it was a cult. I was raised in a pentecostal church, and was totally afraid of the things happening at Gospel Assembly. However, I was convinced by all involved that it was not a cult and not weird. It was the only "right" church in the city. Only the dearly beloved were going to heaven, (if they called it that). I married my lovely husband Tim Linn and am still feeling the after affects of his brain washing under the hands of Lloyd Goodwin. Why did everyone follow Lee Ray to Tennessee, if it's not a cult? Tim doesn't have access to the computer, so I am printing out some of the messages and the material on the website. Will any one wake up and worship the Lord before judgement day or their appointment with eternity? What kind of judgement is Mr. Goodwin facing at this point? I shudder to think of all the things that God must be making him face now. Is he in heaven?

As I write this message I do so with a melancholy face. I'm sure my students are looking at me sitting here typing, like I've lost my best friend.

by Lloyd Mercer

I just wanted to add my story of an experience I had with LLG that I will never forget as long as I live.

I had overheard several young men in the church making derogatory and snide comments against a young woman in the assembly. Unsure of how to handle the comments, I told this young woman’s husband what was being said, knowing I would want to know if people were making derogatory comments about my wife. This husband told me he appreciated me coming to him and he would take care of the situation.

The next service, as soon as I walked into the door, several ushers approached me and told me LLG wanted to see me in his office. Then Vernon G. approached me and said he and LLG wanted to talk to me. The minute we got into LLG’s office, he began yelling at me calling me a troublemaker, a bastard and a jackass, accusing me of making these derogatory comments against this young woman. He did all this in the presence of Vernon and this husband whose wife was being discussed. He told me that my wife and I would always have trouble in our home because we gossiped way too much and our marriage would always have problems that I would never amount to anything, blah, blah, blah. He then kicked me off the ushering staff. I was given no chance to explain anything. Every time I opened my mouth to speak he told me to SHUT UP. He then informed me that I was to apologize to this brother and after that my wife and I were to have NOTHING to do with this other couple - we could not talk or fellowship in any way. I left his office stunned and extremely upset by not only the comments, but by the fact I was not allowed to defend myself at all.

Right as service was starting he came up to me and asked me if I repented to this brother. I said yes. He then in his message made comments about gossipers, troublemakers, wreckers of homes, etc., all his famous digging.
After service I went up and repented to him. He then accepted my apology but I don’t remember him ever apologizing to me for calling me names and the way he talked to me like a dirty dog.

By Rev. James T Freeman

I was at the Houston meeting last week. I had no idea that Glen Goodwin would be there. I don't think anyone that I knew had any idea he would be there either. The meeting was packed; between 2200 to 2500 people were there from all parts of the country. I don't know what his purpose was as far as coming to the meeting. He left before the meeting was over. He did not speak, nor did anyone ask him to. The meeting was open as far as speaking or singing or testifying it wasn't set up for any one particular person, it was very open.

Someone asked Bro Billy Brown, what his agenda for the meeting was, his answer was, " I don't have an agenda, I just hope the Lord will come in and give the people what they need". The Lord did meet many needs. Some wonderful testimonies of miraculous healings that took place were given. It was a very good meeting. Lot's of Holy Ghost Movement.

As far as condoning what LLG did in the past, I'm appalled at what this man has done. I think that Glenn Goodwin is feeling the pressure of what is going on in your area, otherwise why come to one of our meetings? I don't know if you know this or not; but there was a time when LLG had sent so many of his books out to a lot of the churches that it began to be annoying to some of the Brethren that they decided not to mention LLG's books or his name in any of our meetings again. As far as Glen goes one of his first mistakes was to send out his uncle's books to us after he took over. We didn't buy his garbage in 1972 and we won't start doing it now. The mentality (if you can call it mentality) of that whole thing is really bizarre. That men would have the nerve to get up and preach to people about how they should live their lives and then do what they did.

All I can say is that Lloyd Goodwin was very fortunate that he did not have me or the men in Modesto as saints in his church. He would have felt the wrath of men, literally as well as figuratively. I am only now beginning to understand all of you, as I read your postings every chance I get.

All of your testimonies are very heart stirring. They make me stop and think of how I speak to the people of God. I want to speak tenderly to the people of God. I want to see them motivated by godly principles and by his spirit, not mine.

These awful (not great) men that were supposed to serve you people were no more than brute beasts. It's interesting to observe human nature when it knows that it is being observed, many times people will think that the individual has changed, when in reality he's only in hiding until the pressure is passed. Then he comes out of his place more fierce than ever, he's got an appetite to appease. The only way someone can really change is when they first confess what they did, or what they have condoned in the past. The reason why so many repentances don't last is because there was no confession made of what was done. Men have to admit what they have done first. I haven't seen this come out yet.

About 5 years ago Lloyd Goodwin sent a set of tapes to many Brothers that I know, myself included. After listening to the tape I had a headache. I thought to myself that if I were a woman in that church I'd leave and never look back. He made a stupid statement about Sarah, a woman highly honored of God. He called her a bi**h. Later he made an excuse for himself on that tape, but I thought, what a pompass piece of flesh he was. Speaking to the people of God in that fashion about a woman that was considered faithful by Paul the Apostle. No one in authority there has said anything about this type of behavior yet that I know of, have you heard any of them confess it?

When I read the posts and consider what I have heard on tape, I know that there was never any kind of true confession on LLG's part nor on the part of any of his protégé’s that have come up after him. I know that some may say, "Well why should they have to repent for something that they did not do?" If they know what was done then they ought to be as honorable as Daniel was and ask the Lord to forgive them for the sins of their father's. Which means to see the wrong that the Father's worked, admit the wrong that the father's have done, ask the people to forgive you for that wrong; ask God to forgive you and then never work that way EVER!!!

I truly believe that God is judging this whole situation and if men do not come clean as to their behavior, I just would not want to be them. When I say that God is judging, what I mean is that he is analyzing the whole thing, he knows that there have been far too many good people hurt by all of this and that there are still good people that he would like to see salvaged; that they are still trapped inside a building about ready to fall down. When you rescue people out of a situation like that, great care has to be taken, even by the Lord. Sometimes us men want to be heroes, so we dash in and try to save everybody and then the building falls in and kills everybody even the ones that are trying to be the hero.

...Where I stand concerning Glen is what I just wrote. He has some confessions to make doesn't he? That does not mean a disingenuous apology. Please let me know if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to answer any questions that I'm capable of answering.

In Jesus Service,

by Butch Rossiter
Leland Gospel Assembly

Your father was right. You most likely are devil possess. I notice that when I saw your first web site. I just didn't say anything at that time. I can say for certain your anti christ. Do you believe that Jesus could forgive a person such as you? It may take a preacher more powerful than LL Goodwin, but there is a chance that God would save you! I feel sorry for you. Son, I had one son turn out to be antichrist too and he went to public school. My desire was that he was taught in a Christian school. However i am still believing God for his salvation What Brother Goodwin taught was right, you just would not listen. There are millions like you in the present world. They can not be in the coming Kingdom. At least you heard!

by Carrie Griffin

I feel like alot of other's posting here. My story is so much the same. I feel the need to share with other's since so much has been told.
I remember our minister telling me that I shouldn't marry the man that is my husband. That's been over 19 years ago, so i do know that we have done something right. Brother Archer repeatedly told me a man that he thought was equal to me. It wasn't my husband. He felt I was marrying beneath me. This is sad. I didn't marry that man.

The very day that I knew in my heart I would not go back to church I remember Brother Archer pointing over in my direction (in the band) and saying to me, one of these days you will go home and find your husband in the arms of another woman. This crushed me soooo much.

This wasn't the first time, and I started thinking. This same man who put us together is going to tear us apart. I never went to another service. Thank God I was rebellious. I told my husband, Bart, what was said, and he decided with me that we would not go back. Work had prevented him from not attending a service. Stranger things have happened I know...but this is my story. We are still together and have a very loving marriage.

by Larry Ellison Junior

I just have a few comments regarding statements Glenn Goodwin made in the fall of 99 newsletter.

"Glenn Goodwin states: "We desperately need men who understand the times. Bro. William Sowders, Bro. Jolly, Bro. Lloyd Goodwin, and other great men saved us in the past. Who will rescue us from our present situation? What does God honor today?"

First of all these men did not understand the times and it was clear from false prophecies they made. Tommy Jolly said that the Lord would return in 1992--well it's 2000 and it still has not happened. Lloyd Goodwin said that the Lord would return in the early 80's, then in the late 80's, then it was early 90's, finaly before he died he settled on 2007. Why would people continue to believe what he said as truth? Lloyd Goodwin privately told me and publicly told the church that Jesus Christ himself appeared to him, not in a dream, and told him that he had 10 years left. Some of his ardent followers now say that he meant 10 years for his ministry or his work to continue. Well, we who were there and he spoke to about it, know better than that. It is just a cover up. AND if it is true, then they had better close the church doors in 2007 so they do not allow the "man of God's words fall to the ground".

As far as "great men saved us in the past", that shows the man worship by Glenn. The rock that the church is built on is Jesus, not Peter, not Lloyd, not Jolly, not Sowders, not the Pope or any other man. JESUS ALONE SAVES!!! The apostle Paul said that he feared that the Corinthian saint's minds would be corrupted away from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. In Acts the scripture says that the apostles "ceased not to preach JESUS". Glenn knows this but he is going to perpetuate a fellowship and church at all cost. When you go into a service DM GAC and hear Sowders and Goodwin mentioned more than Jesus, you ought to feel the Holy Spirit revulse inside you. I know when I was going there it grieved the Holy Spirit inside me. Yes, I was guilty of saying things in messages that I said to build the monument to Lloyd Goodwin because that is what he wanted. GLENN CANNOT REPENT FOR THE SINS COMMITTED BY LLOYD GOODWIN BUT HE CAN RENOUNCE THAT SPIRIT FROM THE CHURCH ALONG WITH THE ADULTERY, FORNICATION, PRIDE and THE CRUELTY. I found it shameful that he responded to Brian's e-mail so quickly but ignored Michael's. He should at least be consistent. If he was truly a shepherd, his heart would go out to anyone that wrote with the pain that Michael expressed. I mean if you believe that Michael is going to be lost would you not do everything possible to at least talk to him that he could be "saved" and see the error of his ways? NO, BECAUSE THEY MAKE JUDGEMENTS ON WHO AND WHO IS NOT WORTHY OF SAVING. They don't want to waste their time or get their hands dirty not even knowing they are bloody already. They refuse to renounce the sins of the past for fear of losing their reputation when Jesus (who actually has a perfect reputation) made himself of no reputation to come to this earth for you and me. The goal of their church and their ministry is not to lift up Jesus Christ; it is to hold up Brother Goodwin's ministry even in the areas of known wrong. It was built of man and that is why humans can bring it down.

Anyway, back to the subject. Glenn says, "who will rescue us from our present situation? What does God honor today?" The set up is this: Eventually, if not already, the church will be telling Glenn (as they are carefully led to) that it is he who will rescue them from the current situation and it his ministry that God is honoring. Let's face it most people need a "golden calf" to rally and dance around because to them Jesus is just not enough. Oh, they will tell you different but their words and actions betray them. You may say that I'm surmising what is going on. No, I just know their M.O. (if you don't know what M.O. means ask Bryan Townes--just kidding)

The people are once again being set up the same way Lloyd Goodwin set them up. I will explain that more at a later date.

I was not planning on saying much on this message board but when I analyze what is just continuing from years ago in the Sowders & Jolly era, it makes me sick. I would be the first to support Glenn if he got away from that stuff and repented on behalf of the church as a leader should. Glenn, I know its family but wrong is wrong. In the civil war, brother fought against brother and even met on the battlefield. Yes it was hell but it had to be because of the injustices done to our black brothers and sisters who were drug over here on slave ships.

Well, that's enough for now. I beg everyone to search your heart. Return to your first love, Jesus Christ. Those that still sit in the Des Moines GAC know how they really feel when they hear Jesus talked about in a real way. Remember how you felt when you heard Brother DeWitt preach and how you saw a Jesus you really did not know like you should have and you really wanted to feel that way all the time. I do not question your salvation, but I do know what it is like to not have the "joy" of my salvation.

Did you really feel right inside when you heard Lloyd Goodwin's words to the effect of let every minister be damned that does not agree with his message or Sowders message? I was in the service when he said that and it was the same night he died. After he said that I went to the restroom and then my dad came out and I told him that at the moment Lloyd Goodwin said that, that he had crossed the line and I would not want to be in his shoes. Well, less than 2 hours later he was dead. No, I'm not a prophet but my Holy Ghost could not handle that.

Gimmicks won't do it. Having a carrot put in front of your nose won't do it. People are not and will not be coming to you because of the call that is going out, "Come out of her my people". That was a gimmick to keep you pumped up and continue to build a man's kingdom. In fact, many left the Des Moines GAC because of that call. I did. I did not leave because of the immorality, adultery, fornication which did happen and WAS and is WRONG. I knew about it but I am a forgiving person because I needed forgiveness myself many times. I left because I knew that Jesus was not what that church was all about. Jesus was a name that tossed about and used as needed to prove a point and usually proved incorrectly. Jesus came to seek and to save. When's the last time that was done? Has it ever been done?

People say that this web site makes Jesus look bad... AND that may be correct in some instances but what really makes Jesus looks bad is the crap that went on in the pretense of His name.

I am praying for all as I know that I am just a sinner saved by Christ's grace. I also love those in all of these churches and I know that I will face criticism for this post but I must say it anyway. I also know that Lloyd Goodwin was a victim himself of Tommy Jolly in more ways than one but he still should have made right choices. Lloyd Goodwin never forgave Tommy Jolly and that part of the reason he acted the way he did. Being a victim is not an excuse for any of us. We must still learn to walk as Jesus walked.

by Mark Schacknow

Thank you for the courage to speak out for many who are afraid to or can't. I am still in shock that this has finally been pulled from the shadows and exposed for all to see. If each victim speaks, our story will strengthen with the credibility of many. This slow trickle of truth being revealed is so familiar to many other stories of abuse that goes on in the name of religion. That church gave me a life long love for God and the truth, unfortunately that church itself failed to find the truth. I have had to rethink all my beliefs and now I'm unsure of what is true. I am ready to tell of the torment I suffered both spiritually and emotionally. Those feelings we were indoctrinated with as children are with us for life. No man should be allowed to abuse the body or mind of a child. This is abuse!!! Who knows what private hell each of those "shunned" people are experiencing. Those evil men behind the pulpit raped the souls of men, women and children, filling them with the fear and wrath of God, yet doing their sinning in private. I want to extend to those many forgotten ones that each of us remember being cast away, the hope that religion can be real through God and not through a man. Anyway, I cant begin to tell the things I know or have kept locked up. I know it has kept me from being a whole person! For that loss, I am bitter. I know it is important and possible for all victims to heal and hopefully this forum will begin that process. thanks again

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