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About GAC
Here you will get a quick
overview of what GAC is.

False prophecies that
Goodwin made

In this section, you will find direct quotes from Goodwin that proved to be false.

Misc quotes by Goodwin
Quotes from books and tapes. Was he power-mad or what?

Personal experiences
Personal accounts from former members of GAC. Don’t read these if you are easily offended.

Here you can hear Goodwin for yourself! In one of these sound bytes, Goodwin says that Jesus visited him.

Legal Stuff:
Find out how much Goodwin was worth at his death; read “Goodwin v. US” and more.
Gospel Assembly
Christian Academy

Glenn Goodwin
Glenn Goodwin (current pastor of the Des Moines GAC) calls a child molester a “great man” and more.

Lee Ray
Did you know that Lee Ray has a son? Did you know he had sex with girls and women in the church?

Misc GAC photos
Photos of the church, the ministers and more.

Misc. Info
This section contains
info that does not fit
into the other categories.

Newspaper articles
Newspaper articles about GAC

The Covenants
In 1988, Goodwin made the entire church take 10 “covenants” which you can read here. Weird stuff!

Yoke of Bondage
One man's story of his
involvement in the Tom Jolly organization. Jolly was later convicted as a pedophile – and was one of Lloyd Goodwin’s mentors along with others.

William Sowders
A history of William Sowder's ministry. (Sowders was another one of Goodwin's mentors.)

Visitor Comments
See what others think!

Contact info
Contact information for us and Des Moines GAC

Other web pages about
Gospel Assembly Churches

Erroneous Goodwin teachings
This section refutes some of Goodwin's doctrines.

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Information on Cults
Brought to you by a former member of GAC!

When I first started questioning whether Gospel Assembly Church was the "truth" or not, I started reading a lot on "cults." Right away, it struck me how similar these "cults" were to GAC! They all believed that ONLY THEY had the truth, just like GAC; that everyone else was damned; yet they have NO proof that what they say is true. Check out the websites below, and you will see the similarities.

"All the leaders of the cults, from Joseph Smith of the Mormons to Sun Myung Moon of the Moonies, feel that they were chosen by God to do some special task or to know some hidden meaning of Scripture, or to become some cherished savior of mankind..."

Sounds like Lloyd L. Goodwin to me...

Characteristics of a CULT
I checked off every one of these when I took this short test with Gospel Assembly in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About CULTS
An excellent page! If you read nothing else about cults, READ THIS; especially the "cult leaders" and "cult members" sections.

"It hurts"
An article by Jan Groenveld. Every ex-member and current member of GAC should read this short, healing article.

Ex-Cult Support Mailing List
This is an excellent email discussion list offering support to former members of cults.

Rick Ross
"This web site was created to offer the public a resource of information concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups-- as well as some groups that have been called "cults". Here you will find an archive that contains thousands of documents, which includes news stories, related articles, reports, letters, court records, book excerpts and personal testimonies."

Cult Awareness & Information Centre
"A goldfish living in a bowl that is painted black on the outside will never know it lives in a bowl unless someone takes it out and shows it the rest of the world. Mindsets can be like that - locked into a `thinking box', unable to see outside because the web of beliefs is so all-encompassing."

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