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One man's story of his
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Gospel Assembly Church

Lloyd Goodwin Misc. Quotes


"...Speaking lies in hypocrisy. A minister lying behind the pulpit, saying there's three in the Godhead. He's a liar. And Jesus said all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. Even a minister that's never committed adultery or fornication or been drunk -- he'll go to hell. Because he's lying on God, he's a liar in the pulpit!" (You can download this sound byte here.)

--From a sermon Lloyd Goodwin gave on March 5, 1994

Lloyd Goodwin's Last SermonThe following direct quotes are from a booklet that Gospel Assembly published; this booklet is the text of Lloyd Goodwin's last sermon, on July 20, 1996. He died from a heart attack after the sermon. Goodwin's quotes are in red.

Quote from page 20 (here Goodwin is speaking of himself):
"God didn't stand a seducing spirit up here! He stood a 'power of the world to come' behind this pulpit! Someone to be submitted to! Someone to be respected!" You can listen to this sound byte here.

Quote from page 27: "And I say to every preacher on the face of this earth that contradicts and conflicts with the message that was given to us by Brother William Sowders and the message that goes over this pulpit - let that preacher be damned. Let him be damned. Any preacher sitting on this platform that doesn't feel that way, you shouldn't be up here. You're up here because you're supporting my message, and you're supporting Brother William Sowders." (Sowders was Goodwin's mentor.) You can listen to this sound byte here.

Another quote from that night, on page 32:
"The devil seduces God's people so easily, but Brother Goodwin is a watchman on the wall. If you ever stand in the Kingdom of God, you'll thank God for Brother Goodwin. You'll thank God for me. You'll thank God for me."

Obviously Goodwin believed-- and his fellow ministers and followers still believe-- that the only way to God was through GOODWIN.

Prophecy Concerning the Resurrection, by Lloyd Goodwin
The following direct quotes are from Lloyd Goodwin's book "Prophecy Concerning the Resurrection" published in July 1976. Goodwin's quotes are in red.

Quote from page 84:
"There is only ONE church in a city! If this assembly here is God's church for this city, then there is not another church in Des Moines that can put anyone in the grave and have a hope, or an expectancy, of seeing that individual again in the 'first resurrection' at the return of Christ. I know that sounds like exclusivism, but do not turn your hearing aid off... yet... because I just might be right! I might be right!"

Obviously Goodwin, as well as the current pastor of the church, Glenn Goodwin, and all the ministers around the world that support Goodwin's message, DID and DO believe that their church in Des Moines is God's church for the city. As a result, they also believe that NO other church in Des Moines can save anyone. Hmmm... Yes, it does sound like exclusivism to me, Rev. Goodwin. In fact, in my opinion, it is a CULT.

I was six years old when my parents joined the Gospel Assembly Church in Des Moines, Iowa. I can remember countless times Goodwin harping on the church, telling the church that we were not giving enough money. Here is another quote from this book (to the best of my knowledge, Goodwin did not "write" this book, he preached and the church staff recorded it and compiled it into this book):

Page 121:
"Right now we are going to pray that the Lord will give us a good offering. That the Lord will touch this offering tonight. Your tithes. Your offerings. Your pledges. If God has been good to you and put a special sum of money in your hand, won't you share it with the work of the Lord? Won't you write a nice check and put it in the offering? Are you going to miss the 'first resurrection' because of the hold that money has on your life? God forbid! God forbid! I am not going into another discourse tonight, but Jesus is vitally concerned about how you spend your money."

Jesus is vitally concerned, eh? No thanks, Rev. Goodwin. If I give my money away, it's going to be to someone who REALLY needs it. But thanks for offering me the chance to purchase my salvation with money.


This is in Lloyd Goodwin's own handwriting.

The following quotes are from the "Gospel of Peace Newsletter," issue 10. According the the blurb at the end of this article, these quotes are taken from a sermon that Goodwin gave on February 9, 1985.

Quote from page 6:
" can never stand before an elder, when your case is being dealt with, and try to lie your way out of it. You could drop dead like Ananias and Sapphira (two people in the New Testament). Regardless, you will come forth in the resurrection of damnation..."

A classic example of the way that Goodwin ruled by fear. He loved using the Bible to make people afraid of him, the "man of God." Goodwin taught that the only way to be saved was to be loyal to him. Imagine being brainwashed into believing this stuff from the time you were six years old, like I was.

Quote from page 8:
"A man of God can only be established by the loyalty that is manifested on the part of those who serve him."

"Serve" him. That's what Lloyd Goodwin loved; to be served and obeyed.

Quote from page 14:
"Did you know how many Pentecostal preachers in this city and in other cities are afraid of me? They have no reason to be afraid of me. But they are afraid of us. They are afraid of this church."

Quote from page 19:
"Leadership. Loyalty. You might make a suggestion, but once leadership speaks, you follow."

Goodwin demanded UNQUESTIONING obedience from his followers. His teaching was, to even question him was to question God.

Another quote from page 19:
"What does something for God on a permanent basis in the earth, is when individuals learn how to submit to authority, and in obedience to authority, God's work advances and prospers in the earth."

Quote from page 25: "Leadership is everything! Without leadership we have nothing."

Are you beginning to detect a pattern here?

And this next set of quotes gets the prize! These quotes are taken from a sermon that Goodwin preached in Canada, about two weeks before he died, at one of the Gospel Assembly convention services. As Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up. In fact, I have recently added these quotes to the audio section of this website.

"You notice how calm I am? It's because Friday morning of our May convention (a couple of months earlier) the Lord appeared to me, and He talked to me. And He told me what my future was, told me what the future of this fellowship was. And when the Lord talked to me, and one of the questions I asked Him was, 'how long do I have?' And He said, 'Ten years.' (Yet several weeks later he was dead.)

I don't have time to play games with anyone any longer. And the Lord told me that I could not be at peace as long as I was continually threatened by my staff, or by those that live on my church property. And I knew, I knew then, that for me to have peace in my heart, I could only surround myself with individuals that had complete and implicit confidence in me..."

And a few minutes later: "See, I'm not scared any more. I have a calmness. I've saw the Lord. I've never-- I've saw the Lord one time. And I saw him Friday morning before our convention started Friday night. And it's made all the difference in the world with me. I'm not afraid of anybody. I don't care what anybody says. I don't care what anybody does. I already know what God's going to do. See, this doesn't bother me any more: I've seen the Lord. I-- I can tell you how He was dressed. I can tell you how His voice sounds. It may be a little humorous..."

"...He was wearing a robe when I saw Him. He appeared to me, and he was dressed in a robe. And it was three colors. It wasn't a solid color, it was laying in folds around His body, all the way down to His ankles. And-- and it had three colors: a glistening white, a royal purple, and a deep burgendy. Those were the three colors that his robe was colored..."

Whew. Time to get the guys in the white coats, eh?

And this quote, from that same sermon:
"I'm going back home after this meeting and take a loyalty oath of everyone that lives on MY eight acres, and is on my staff. And anyone that is not completely confident that I'm God's man, and their undying allegiance and loyalty is to me, will no longer have a postion on our church staff, or live on our church property."

HIS eight acres? I thought it belonged to the church.

See, I don't have to make Lloyd Goodwin look like a delusional idiot; all I have to do is quote him, and he made himself look like an idiot.

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