Gospel Assembly Church
A Victim Speaks Out

This is a letter that one of the rape victims posted to the message board of this website.

Regarding the past
Posted Sunday, 16 January 2000

I have been reading the words of everyone and sitting quietly. I happen to be one of the girls that was molested when I was about 13 or 14 years old. This has been a deep secret that for years I told only to my closest friend that understood because when I told her she confessed of an ongoing affair that had been going on for years and continued for years.

I will say through this don't ever think you know your child enough to be open and tell you. For one thing your feelings are of being afraid, nobody will believe me, and was it my fault? What would have happened had it been made known? I know I would have been shuned and expelled from school.

I know in my heart I was not guilty, all I ever wanted to do was be able to serve God's people. I was alone in the building because I was asked to do some work, there was no one to help me and I have suffered from the past.

I am not saying this site is good or bad. If it were my daughter I know I would be doing a whole lot about it. So I don't disagree. I feel sometimes I must go on and forgive and pray that God takes care of the rest. Maybe this is God's way. People are losing their fear. The bonds have been broken.

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