And I entreat thee also, true yoke fellow, help those women, which labored with me in the gospel,

and with other my fellow laborers, whose names are in the book of life.

Pat, Sharon, Wanda & Betty - November 1973

My name is Patricia Fogleman. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. (Now in Texas-2007) I am the sister of Betty Edmondson, Sharon Netzer and Wanda Mason.

I pray for God's guidance in this letter. I was never in a cult like church but I do remember the hell that my sisters, Sharon and Wanda went through. I was part of that.

(I (Wanda) would like to insert here that I do not know what I would have done without Pat. She was always there for me when I needed her the most. She helped me through some rough times of my life and I know that Sharon and Betty would say the same. She was our ANGEL OF MERCY and she also has the singing voice of an angel. She says that I was her hero but she is mine.)

I am not and never was a seeker. I just always believed what my daddy told me. He always said: "Put your trust in God and He will see you through. I have the Holy Spirit and God in my heart but I'm not a real religious person. I believe in "being" a Christian because without that, all the religion in the world isn't going to do me any good.

I was raised in a Pentecostal environment. We went to a lot of the Gospel Assembly Churches through the years and there were some good ones, I believe that my dad was considered an outsider because he never could go along with everything they taught. He did put his trust in God and the Lord gave him dreams. When I was 10 years old and Wanda was 12, in 1959, we were going to R.E. Dawkin's church in Kansas City, MO. We loved that church but Dad had a dream that they took down Jesus' picture and put Dawkin's picture on the wall. He told us that we weren't going back. We cried because the church was everything to us and we got mad at our Dad. A week later, Dad took us back over there and sure enough, Dawkin's picture was up and the picture of Jesus was down.

As children, we didn't always understand. We thought our Dad could make it right. If we were in the wrong place, the Lord would give Dad a dream or a vision to warn him and we would get out just in time. We are thankful for that now. I do have a lot of positive things to say about the Gospel Assembly Churches. Like I said, I wasn't one to search. I just had total love and trust. I guess that's why I never gave my life to a church, heart and soul, so to speak.

In 1965, we lived in Missouri and went to my Uncle's church in Ponce De Leon, MO. It was just a little inter- denominational country church. My Uncle was Pentecostal but never talked about the gifts of the Spirit so as not to offend anyone. Wanda and I loved that church because it was just full of love. Our dad, at that time, was so discouraged with the churches he had been part of that he wasn't going anywhere so we went with our Uncle. I believe it was around this time that my dad learned of all the "Tom Jolly" affairs.

Wanda was my idol and I followed her in everything. She had the Holy Spirit baptism and I wanted it so bad. There were a lot of young people there that knew nothing of this gift of the Holy Spirit. Because of some of Wanda's testimonies, these young people started asking her questions about it and she witnessed to them and showed them the scriptures. It was at this time that I remember her determination to find the truth no matter what. Her testimonies were simple and to the point but before that summer was over, revival broke out and most of those young people in that church had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit! We had Church! The revival spread to the other churches around that countryside that year. She never took credit for anything, always giving God the glory. She didn't even know that she was my hero until many years later.

We moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and went to Brother Tucker's Gospel Assembly Church for a while. This is where I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the greatest gift I could ever have asked for. All I remember are good things about Brother Tucker's church. We attended Brother Lineger's church in Oklahoma and we had some good experiences there. We had known them for a long time. We also attended Brother Don Patton's church in Fort Worth, Texas a few times and Brother Patton seemed to be a good man. I can think of nothing bad to say in my experience there. I can remember feeling the precious spirit of God in his church. I remember hearing many anointed messages from some of these ministers and also my dad.

We went to the Shepherd of the Hills Campground in 1966 for a camp meeting there. I was 16 at the time. What stood out to me was the fact that the women had to sit with their knees together and couldn't cross their legs but the men sat up there on the platform in just any old position that they wanted to. It seemed like a double standard. I guess that's when I really started asking questions. I didn't question having to wear our hair up, no make up, long skirts and sleeves; that was expected. But I did question the actions and motives of some of these "Leaders."

Wanda got married and lived in Michigan and I went out to stay with her for awhile and met my first husband. I attended Brother Willie Atwell's church there in Detroit. He was a good minister. I had asked him to marry my husband and I and he took me aside and counseled me that it was not a good thing. He turned out to be right, even though I was a little upset at the time.

           (Picture of Patricia in front of Brother Willie Atwell's Church in Detroit, MI - 1966)

After moving back to Oklahoma, I started going to Brother Ralph Angelo SR's church in Tulsa and that became my home church for several years. Later Brother Igler became the pastor there. I thought the world of he and his wife. They are very special people. I remember him saying, "If you have a problem that both husband and wife could come and talk to him if they needed help." My two children were raised in their younger years in this church. It had standards but they were not unbearable.

Until I was 17, I was always so scared that the world was going to come to an end. At that age, my dear Mother told me that she had been taught the same thing. When my two oldest brothers were 2 and 4, she was scared even then. Here it was 1967 and I was her youngest of nine living children and already grown. I am now 49 years old have raised two children and things are still going on. A lot has passed away but the earth and a new generation is here. I get so angry sometimes at the way people can hurt the children of God, IN HIS NAME! It's not His name but "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord, I will repay." I believe all these false preachers in any church will get their just rewards. It's so sad that all these good people have and are still getting hurt because of them. I believe these websites are sanctified by God and I believe it will help a lot of people.

After Sharon had moved to Des Moines, my Dad and Mom and myself went to a convention in Kingsport, TN. I thought it was the prettiest music I'd ever heard. I remember how thin Sharon was and how much older she looked because of the way she wore her hair. I fixed it for her and wanted to leave some little curls at the sides and she said that she couldn't. I was fascinated with Lloyd Goodwin because he was so charismatic and smooth talking. He and Carl Voorhees invited my Dad to sit on the platform. Dad got up and sang a song and said a few words. He was "preaching!" The whole church was blessed. He was so anointed. All of a sudden, Lloyd Goodwin got up and said to him, "You need to sit down, big boy, and be taught!" Dad was so embarrassed and so were we. I wanted to get up and walk out but I was in Tennessee and lived in Oklahoma. Dad wanted to be humble and he was. He had another dream. I can't remember what it was, although it was about these churches. He still tried to go. He said that even as many things that were bad, they were still some of the best that he knew of and the good people could bring in the Spirit of God.

(Picture of Sharon, Sherry and Pat in Kingsport, TN - 1975)

I had two experiences with the Gospel Assembly Church in Des Moines. The first was in 1975. I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My 16-year-old niece, Rita, and I decided to go see Sharon and Wanda. I was 25 years old and I just wore what I had to wear which was a shorter skirt. I only weighed 105 pounds at that time. I just wanted to visit church and stand back there and sing. My sisters and I had been singing together since we were very young girls. Well, I guess they felt like I needed to be delivered of all of these demons but I didn't want to go up front so I stayed back. But my niece, Rita, wanted to be set free from smoking cigarettes so she went up front. She was crying and there were 3 or 4 women around her praying for her. I saw her shake her head "no" and they started, what looked like to me, punching her in the stomach to make her get rid of these demons. I guess she threw up. That's when I went up there and got her. I am not a bold person and even less so then but I just put my arms around her and took her back to the seat. I told Wanda later that they were punching her in the stomach but she said it was just a method of love or something like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Picture of Sharon, Pat and Wanda in Des Moines, IA - 1975)

We tried to spend the night at Wanda's house that night. She had a room upstairs, like a loft. It was a bright pretty room, until we went to bed. I swear there was another presence in that room and it was not friendly. We could never go to sleep and finally got up and went to Sharon's house next door. We left the next day for Oklahoma. There is a long stretch of road through that area where there is nothing. It was dark and our radio went out. Rita and I both felt an evil presence again. We both were scared but I was the adult so had to be the strong one. Rita was almost hysterical and I told her, "let's just start singing and let the presence of God come in." We did that and the fear went away.

(Picture of Rita on the right with her sister, Tammy on the left - 1998)

The second time in Des Moines was in 1983, I believe. Wanda had been out of the church for awhile and had gone back to a convention and we went with her. She had been paying her tithes and offerings to Lloyd Goodwin and listening to tapes and that type of thing since leaving the church in 1981. I was married and had both my kids. My hair was short but Wanda got it up. I limited my makeup, which I didn't wear much anyway, took off my earrings and went to the convention. It was just the greatest! We wanted to sing a song that would have gone so well with what Lloyd Goodwin was preaching on and she asked Goodwin if we could sing it. Sister Pat Baker was going to play the piano for us and we even practiced in the band room. But he wouldn't let us sing. He seemed to have to be in "control" of everything. It's like there was no such thing as "letting the Spirit of God have His way."

This is the story of my experiences with the Gospel Assembly Churches, some good, some bad. I don't even consider the bad experiences bad because it kept me from getting more involved in them. I praise God for that. I hurt when my sisters' hurt and just being there for them was the only way I could help. 

God be with you all. God does work through his people, not just one man. When The Man starts telling you that you can't do this and you can't do that, it's not because it's against God's law, just man's law. It's a control thing. 

Sincerely, Patricia Fogleman



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