The last letter that I had written to him was August of 1991. I had other things to do and was in the process of healing in body and mind. These things take time even after you are set free. I had some physical illnesses that I believe were a direct result of the mental and religious abuse we suffered. If a woman is repressed and made to feel like she is a second class citizen and that she is nothing, it has an effect on her mind and body. Many women at GAC in Des Moines had hysterectomies. I wondered if it could have been because of the way their very femininity was repressed in the way they were treated and made to look because of the way we had to dress and wear our hair and no make up, etc…I've heard this to be true.

For we have made a lie our refuge and false hood our hiding place. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line, hail will sweep away your refuge, THE LIE, and water will overflow your hiding place. When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten down by it. As often as it comes, it will carry you away, morning after morning, by day and by night, it will sweep through. The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror. Your bed is too short to stretch out on, your blanket too narrow to wrap around you.

March 12, 1993

Dear Brother Goodwin:                  

Greetings in the name of our Lord.

I've been thinking a lot lately about writing you another letter. I know this may be hard for you to understand but there are many people, men and women, in your church that are very worried about you. They feel that you are becoming more paranoid each day because of the things you say over the pulpit. That's the only reason they repeat it to us. Yes, we see people from Gospel Assembly frequently and they know who and what we really are. You might be surprised how many and whom. I won't disclose that information as I am also loyal to them and I know they have your best interests at heart as we do. They feel that God is taking you through a process of change. What they've told us is not gossip but only what they hear from the pulpit from your own mouth or what they have personally experienced. After all, what is spoken from a public pulpit should be open knowledge.

I've also learned, since I came out from under your mind control is that love covers a multitude of sins or mistakes, but what you are doing is no mistake. Yes, I know that you have studied mind control, brainwashing and manipulation. I've learned a lot since God set me free from your CULT and with the help of God, I will shout it from the housetops! After all, Jesus came to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE.

Also, if I ever find an attorney who will work on a contingency fee basis, I will sue for damages. For money gained through fear and intimidation, for defamation of character, for doctor and psychiatrist bills to overcome Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, etc. Our whole family has had to have therapy because of it and have been advised to sue. It is even written in my doctors (not Eidbo) reports that a lot of my illness is stress related and was caused by the things I went through because of the control and manipulation. Maybe if more people come out and start holding people like you responsible for your actions, it will stop!

I'm not the naive young woman that came to your church 18 years ago. Praise God, I've been through BOOT CAMP and now I'm ready to go to war! The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds." Glory to His Name! There is a stronghold in you Brother Goodwin and it needs to be pulled down so that you can be saved from it. I really do thank God for all I learned from my experience under your ministry. It has helped me grow up and even though I have had to unlearn a lot of false doctrine, I still learned some good lessons. Jesus said, love your enemies and pray for them that despitefully use you. I can truthfully say that I have done that and that I can in reality love you but not what you've done or what you are doing. I do forgive you and as far as I'm concerned I could just go on with my life but the Lord just will not let me do that. You see, what I learned was preparing me for such a time as this. I must and will be obedient to His call. Jesus is my captain!

You know, several of the people have wondered, when they saw me, why, if you were a true prophet, that I'm not dead? You very clearly made the statement in front of about 400 people two years ago that: "If Wanda Mason is not dead within two months (or thereabouts), God never called me to the ministry!" Not only that but that it would not be a normal death but a horrible, fiery crash and I would be burned and charred beyond recognition! In the next service, you said, it won't be months but just a few days! As you know, the real reason it didn't happen was because I went to the authorities and if something had happened, they would have come to you. You know that it has happened before and you've bragged about it many times. (I'm talking about the man that died in a car accident because he was supposedly coming to kill you.) It still makes me wonder about Brother Thomas Oundo? That is not an accusation, but I can't help but wonder. At first you told us that he was the first martyr, then you told us it was a mistake and they killed the wrong man? You need to get your story straight. Anyway, even if I died today in a horrible, fiery crash, you are still a false prophet and God never did call you to the ministry. Face it like a man, many others and I have heard you say many times that the way to tell a true prophet or man of God is if their prophecies always come to pass. It's already too late for you. You need to step down from the ministry not only for everyone else's sake but for your own. It's never too late to make things right Brother Goodwin. The blood of Jesus can make the vilest sinner clean.

That's why people are talking from your church. That's why I informed <…..> of your comments about him. I also received a letter from him with copies of his letters to you and (--). If you don't want anything else said to people, then you need to keep your mouth shut about other people. If you dig a pit, you'll fall into it. Remember?

I know that you are a liar because I know the lies you have told about Sharon and me and others that have left and even those that are still there. YOU teach people to lie. We have literature on it! Why is it that you have to bring everyone else down on your level so that you can feel okay about yourself?

Brother Goodwin, one thing I know is that unless you are exposed, you will never repent. That is really your only hope of salvation. If you are publicly exposed and still don't admit it and repent, then at least maybe some of your followers will be set free. If they choose to stay even after they know the truth, then at least I know I tried and it's their own choice.

You know, people are becoming more and more aware of cults. Almost everyone in this city that I've talked to is already aware that Gospel Assembly is a cult. They see the fence all around the church, they see the people following you out to your car, like you're some kind of God. There are a lot of people who are exposing this.

I'm really sorry for you, I do not hate you. I pity you. I know that your days and nights are filled with terror because of your own guilt and cover-ups. I used to believe that you were such a great man of God. Now I don't even believe you are a real Christian. "Oh what a dreadful web we weave when first we practice to deceive".

NIV Isaiah 2B:14-22 Again, I say this is for you: For we have made a lie our refuge and false hood our hiding place. I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line, hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie and water will overflow your hiding place. When the overwhelming scourge sweeps by, you will be beaten down by it. As often as it comes, it will carry you away, morning after morning, by day and by night, it will sweep through. The understanding of this message will bring sheer terror. Your bed is too short to stretch out on, your blanket too narrow to wrap around you.

Brother Goodwin, why don't you give it up? You are over 60 years old. Look what you have put Sister June through. You are not above God's law. You are not God! There is still hope for you if you will turn and publicly repent to all those you have destroyed or tried to.

I send this with a sincere hope that you will heed this message.

In Christian Love,

Wanda Mason

PS I just felt the need to add a few more words.

I realize that you will probably be very angry with this letter. I say probably, because of your reaction in the past. But I am going to try to be optimistic and pray that God will truly deal with your heart through this confrontation.

I know that it's doubly hard because you've been taught all your life that a woman couldn't possibly teach a man anything because of I Tim. 2:1-15. I'm here to say that, this has been completely misinterpreted! ! Paul was speaking to a group of people in Ephesus that had been taught that the true God was a woman. In fact their goddess was Diana of the Ephesians. It came directly from the teaching that Eve was before Adam and that she actually created Adam and these women were going around teaching others this false teaching. In the temples of Diana, if there was a male attendant, he had to be castrated first before he could even serve. He even had to dress in female garb. Many men were even killed or murdered on the altar by these high priestesses, as a sacrifice to the goddess Diana (or whatever her name might be). Many times the priestesses stripped naked when they did these rituals. (Hence the part where Paul says women should dress in modest apparel. This had nothing to do with women wearing long sleeves or dresses or wearing jeans!

The word authentein, which the King James translates, usurp authority means something completely different. In the Greek, it can mean to be the author of or even to murder. (As in the sacrifice) They also taught that you couldn't be saved if you brought children into the world. In fact, there are still cults around today that, if a woman does become pregnant, they will abort the child early and actually cut it up in pieces and eat it. They feel that they are taking the soul of the child back into themselves. They feel that they're actually doing the child or even adult sacrifice a great honor by getting them out of the material world.

This is what Paul is dealing with in this epistle. There is a book out, entitled, I SUFFER NOT A WOMAN. Looking at I Timothy 2:9-12 in the light of ancient evidence. The authors are Richard and Catherine Clark Kroeger and Baker Book House in Grand Rapids puts it out.

What Paul is actually saying here is, women should dress modestly (cover their nakedness). The woman should learn (or approach the word of God in silence and submission, not with preconceived ideas). Men should have the same attitude. Then verse 12 should read more like this. "I do not allow a woman to teach or proclaim herself to be the author of Man". Because Adam was first formed then Eve. Then he simply tells women that they can still be saved even if they have children. We are all saved through the atonement of Jesus Christ!

I just thought you might be interested in this. You never know. Again, I send this in the hope that you might seek that atonement.



 Recommended book: PEOPLE OF THE LIE by M. Scott Peck