"And he said, What have you done? The voice of your brother's blood cries to me from the ground."

Lloyd Goodwin told us that Brother Oundo was the first martyr in the Body of Christ for our day. He said that there were some people who did not like it because he was preaching the true gospel and that is why they killed him. He also said that he died for the truth that he was preaching. But because God does not make mistakes, then God had allowed it to happen. He said that God wanted someone else to be the pastor of that church so he allowed Brother Oundo to be martyred. He said that he (Lloyd Goodwin) was the last person he talked to. He was on his way home from a pay phone after talking to him and was murdered shortly thereafter.

Later, Goodwin said, "he had been shot by accident and they shot the wrong man." Now what I'm wondering is: "Was it God's will and he was a martyr or was he shot by accident?" Or could it have been planned? Does anyone know?

Picture to the left: (" A member of the Reverend Oundo's congregation grieves over the pastor's death yesterday.")



Pastor found dead with bullet wounds


A bullet-riddled body of a Nairobi church minister was found in his car yesterday morning.

The body of the Reverend Thomas Oundo of the Gospel Assemblies Church based at the former Shan Cinema Hall, Nairobi, was found in his small light-blue Datsun car about 15 Kilometers from Nairobi, just before Kinoo Market on the Nairobi-Naivasha road.

The body had many gunshot wounds in the head and other parts. It had slumped into the driver's seat, but his foot rested on the accelerator.

The car seemed to have veered off the road and ploughed through grass, before it slammed into a hedge damaging its front bumper and grilles.

People in the neighborhood said they heard heavy gunfire at about 2 a.m. A young man said he heard the loud noise and thought something drastic had happened.

The Reverend Oundo died barely three kilometers from his comfortable storeyed home, where his wife and two children were waiting for him.

It is believed that his killers waylaid him near the turn off to the murram road leading to the quiet suburb where he has been living.

Mr. Joseph Muthubi, an employee of Kenya Breweries said, the pastor had taken his third child to his home in Lavington, Nairobi, on Sunday evening.

Yesterday morning, Mr. Muthubi, took the pastor's child and his own children to Visa Oshwal Primary School in Nairobi.

The Rev Oundo had spent the whole of Sunday preaching at Shan Cinema.

Policemen found many bullet holes in the car's body. There was fresh gunpowder on the left headrest. A policeman said the powder probably dropped there when the killer fired from point blank.

The policemen said the killer may have fired at the car while it was moving. The driver was hit and the

car swerved and the assailant followed it up to the grass and fired again from close range.

Mrs. Oundo was devastated. All she could say was: "I wonder who could have killed Tom and why. Tom was such a nice man."

She would not answer any more questions.

This is an article that Lloyd Goodwin had prepared to give to the people to show them how it was God's will that Thomas Oundo was murdered. It was eerie how he used the Bible and scriptures to prove everything he wanted us to believe. There was a gallon of truth tainted by a cup of error.


Ever since the day that Cain slew Abel, the conflict on earth between good and evil has been a sore problem to the saints. In every age the righteous have been hated and persecuted, while the unrighteous have appeared to defy God with impunity. The Lord's people, for the most part, have been poor in this world's goods, whereas the wicked in their temporal prosperity have flourished like the green bay tree. As one looks around and beholds the oppression of believers and the earthly success of unbelievers, and notes how few are the former and how numerous the latter; as he sees the apparent defeat of the right, and the triumphing of might and the wrong; as he hears the roar of battle, the cries of the wounded, and the lamentations of the bereaved; as he discovers that almost everything down here is in confusion, chaos, and ruins, it seems as though Satan were getting the better of the conflict. But as one looks above, instead of around, there is plainly visible to the eye of faith a Throne, a Throne unaffected by the storms of earth, a Throne that is "set," stable and secure; and upon it is seated One whose name is the Almighty, and who "worketh all things after the counsel of His own will." Eph.1: 11. This then is our confidence - God is on the Throne. The helm is in His hand, and being Almighty His purpose cannot fail, for "He is in one mind, and who can turn Him? and what His soul desireth, even that He doeth." Job 23:13. Though God's governing hand is invisible to the eye of sense, it is real to faith, that faith which rests with sure confidence upon His Word, and therefore is assured He cannot fail.

There can be no failure with God. "God is not a man, that He should lie, neither the Son of man, that He should repent; hath He said and shall He not do it? Or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?" Num. 23:19. All will be accomplished. The promise made to His own beloved people to come for them and take them from hence to glory will not fail. He will surely come and gather them in His own presence. The solemn words spoken to the nations of the earth by the different prophets will also not fail. "Come near, ye nations,, to bear; and hearken ye people; let the earth hear, and all that is therein; the world, and all things that come forth of it. For the Indignation of the Lord is upon all nations, and His fury upon all armies; He hath utterly destroyed them, He hath delivered them to the slaughter." Isa. 34:1,2. Nor will that day fail in which "the lofty looks of man shall be humbled and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down and the Lord alone shall be exalted." Isa. 2:11. The day in which He is manifested, when His glory shall cover the heavens and His feet will stand again upon this earth, will surely come. His kingdom will not fall, nor all the promised events connected with the end of the age and the consummation.

In these dark and trying times how well it is to remember that He is on the throne, the throne which cannot be shaken, and that He will not fail in doing all He has spoken and promised. "Seek ye out of the book of the Lord and read: Not "one of these shall fail." lsa. 34:16. In believing, blessed anticipation, we can look on to the glory-time when His Word and His will is accomplished, when through the coming of the Prince of Peace, righteousness and peace comes at last. And while we wait for the supreme and blessed moment when His promise to us is accomplished, we trust Him, walking in His fellowship and daily find afresh, that He does not fail to sustain and keep us in all our ways.

Ye fearful saints fresh courage take

The clouds ye so much dread,

Are big with mercy and shall break

In blessings o'er your head.