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"Abel's blood cried out for justice and God heard and inquired. Too many people are telling Abel's blood to be quiet and to forget it and cover it up."
--Gary King, from his Statement.


By: Gary King

In writing this statement, my intent is to help any child of God who truly loves Jesus Christ to escape from any Bible based, destructive cult in the earth, today. Knowing there are many names that these destructive churches go by, my concern and experience is with only one, namely, Gospel Assembly Church, worldwide, which I believe to be a destructive religious, Bible based cult.

I came to Gospel Assembly Church of Des Moines, Iowa in 1980. It was founded and led by Lloyd L. Goodwin until his death in 1996. I was one of the ordained elders. After his death I helped govern the local assembly with Vernon Goodwin and several other elders.

I left in December of 1997, hurt and sorrowful, not only for what happened to my family but also for all those that were hurt before us and had left. To those, who were branded to be backsliders and workers of iniquity or called children of the devil by Lloyd L. Goodwin and his loyal followers. Anyone, who found out the truth that was going on in secret, behind the scenes, and wanted to confront it, had their characters assassinated by Lloyd Goodwin, Vernon Goodwin and their loyal followers.

I should know because I was brainwashed into believing what they told me as the truth, for I did not take the Biblical admonition to prove all things for myself. I Thessalonians 5:21 and John 4:1.

When I became a victim to the Goodwin family myself, then my eyes were opened and I began to realize that what happened to others was wrong and the Goodwins did this only to cover up unrepented sins. From my understanding there were rapes of young girls right in the church, forced abortions and ongoing adultery carried on in secret. Lloyd Goodwin forced anyone who found out about them out of the church.

I realize that people sin but when they donít repent and make it right then that sin should be publicly dealt with, especially leaders. I Timothy 5:19-25 especially verse 20. Also, Luke 17:1-4. I say again, these sins were never repented of. Also, the abuse of children in Gospel Assembly Christian Academy by what they saw and heard. If they knew anything, they were branded as rebels and driven into silence or completely out of the church. Many of these children still remain hurt and affected today and they need to talk about it and not be afraid or feel they have to cover up other peopleís sins.

I believe that a person who covers up menís sins by their silence is a partaker of that manís sin. (I Timothy 5:22B, Jeremiah 20:8) Jeremiah exposed the sins of the people that were not repentant.

Some of these men have been exposed openly, i.e., Tom Jolly. Others still need to be exposed for what they have done to young people, along with all the others that have been hurt in various ways. Itís my opinion that they should be taken out of the ministry and put in prison for their terrible crimes against the innocent children of God. But that is Godís business, mine is to speak out against these crimes and help others not to be hurt by them in the future.

I would like to say that my wife and I never knew these things were going on and didnít find out until we left and started asking former members why they left. Lloyd Goodwin and his loyal followers used mind control, intimidation, manipulation and domination to keep people in line to his will.

Vernon Goodwin and his loyal followers drove people out of the church if they didnít conform to his standards. Although I know now that it was Godís way of setting me free, while Vernon was on his deathbed, he showed me his will right in front of Glenn, his son, and other family members, that he had recently changed. The will stated that Glenn was to be the presiding elder, along with myself, and three other men in the church. Glenn Goodwin was not even an ordained elder. He was an attorney. Now he is the Pastor. Three different members of the Goodwin family signed his will. Goodwin family members orchestrated the whole future of the church.

Vernon did this because he could not let anyone find out the truth that was really going on behind the scenes or on the financial books of the church. They have robbed the people of God of their money, time and lives to serve the Goodwin family business!

There is no New Testament doctrine that commands Christians to tithe. Itís my opinion that any one, who preaches that you "have" to tithe, is robbing the people of their hard-earned money. They travel around the world, eat in the best restaurants, wear the best clothes, and drive the best cars while the dear children of God, whom they have made into their surfs, suffer under the heavy burdens. If you did not tithe, you could not have any position in the church. So, per se, you had to buy your position.

I have many things to say but space will not permit. But my admonition to all that read this, is that if you know the truth, speak up! Donít be afraid of man. Come out from under their evil influence and come unto Jesus who will give you rest. Proverbs 24:10-12 (especially verse 12.) Also Proverbs 29:25.

My admonition to those who fear man and are covering menís sins while they continue to hurt Godís people and to those who have not repented to those who have been hurt in various ways, I say, "Shame on you!" My hands are washed clean of your blood for you will stand before Jesus and give an account for your silence, while men continue to hurt and destroy His children. Luke 12:1-9, Romans 14:10 and II Corinthians 5:10.

I fear not man but rather I fear God, who will raise me out of the grave. Abelís blood cried out for justice and God heard and inquired. Too many people are telling Abelís blood to be quiet and to forget it and cover it up."I thank God that He doesnít cover up." Proverbs 28:13

Why do you think Lloyd Goodwin dropped dead in the church just a few weeks after he made a public statement that he had seen Jesus Christ personally and that the Lord had told him that he had ten more years? He said publicly that anyone who died before they were 70 or 80 years old was under the judgment of God! Why did Vernon Goodwin die only sixteen months later from brain tumors? I believe it was because of the cover up and destroying Godís dear children.

We, the witnesses of these things have tried to meet with Glenn Goodwin and the local elders of the Des Moines Assembly to bring these charges before them and they refused to hear us in person. We leave them to Godís justice. "Will not the God of all the earth, do right?"

"I call for justice and I plead for the truth!" Please read Isaiah 59:4

Iím willing to talk to anyone about the Gospel Assembly Churches that I am familiar with and their mode of operations. Feel free to write, call or email me or even visit with us in our home.

Sincerely Unafraid of Man in Des Moines, Iowa,

Gary D. King

Phone: 515-556-2542††††††††

E-Mail: dak33608@gmail.com

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