Isaiah 25:2 For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defended city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built (again) (7) And in this mountain, he will destroy the face of the covering cast over the people, and the veil that is spread over all nations."

"All comments in brown and blue are my own or added."

(I received this hand written letter from Vernon Goodwin after I sent him copies of some letters that I had written to his brother, Lloyd Goodwin, along with a copy of the letter that I received back from Lloyd Goodwin.

I sent it in care of Brooks Lassem Insurance Agency, to him, because I had written that by his name in my phone book. I think he had referred me to that agency or something previously and I thought that is where he worked at the time. I had tried to talk to Lloyd Goodwin and I tried to talk to Lee Ray regarding the accusations and threats on my life, among other things, and both of them refused to hear me. Lee Ray and Vernon were the only two elders according to Vernon's son, Glenn Goodwin, and everyone had been warned by Lloyd Goodwin to send back, unopened, any correspondence from me so this is the reason I tried sending it to, what I thought, was his office. I had given one to Lee Ray and asked him to give it to Vernon and he told me he threw it in the trash. I felt like I was doing it the way the Bible teaches by first going to the person, then the Elders so they could go with me but it didn't work. So that is why I tried going to the church people but no one would listen.)

There was also a note that Vernon included in his letter that was written by a woman from Brooks Lussem and this is the way it was worded:

Note to Vernon Goodwin:



We seem to get a lot of mail for you from this lady. (Per Sandie in our office.) Would you like to let her know that you don't work here?



This is a note that I wrote down after seeing this:

Sandie - Brooks Lussem Ins. Agency. Called her 8-2-91 and let her know that I had never sent mail to Vern Goodwin anywhere.

I told this woman that she needed to let Vernon know that if he was getting mail from any woman at that office, it certainly wasn’t from me! She apologized for the mistake.

The following letter is the one that I received from Vernon Goodwin.

Letter from Vernon Goodwin:


Wanda Mason,

I do not understand why you would mail any correspondence addressed to me to Brooks- Lussem Insurance Agency. I have no relationship with that agency.

I am particularly at a loss to understand since my name and address is listed in the telephone directory.

In the future, please do not send any correspondence to any place of business addressed to me.

In fact, I am asking that you not address any correspondence to me concerning this matter.

Vernon Goodwin

(These are notes taken by a friend of mine who was still in the church at the time and she gave them to me.)

Saturday Night, July 27, 1991 (Lloyd L. Goodwin)

The Jezebel of our day is destroying Brother Goodwin's influence.

The glory of the Lord is our defense.

This church shall be exposed as a cult on national TV -- Jezebel will go out and dig up garbage buckets of witnesses and statements to use against this church.

(He was teaching the assembly how to handle humanity and past sins.)

"If you did say anything, you should recover yourself and say, "YOU MISUNDERSTOOD ME." I didn't say that." (IN other words:*LIE*) You should never second-guess a man of God.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. "IF THIS JEZEBEL DIES THE DEATH OF ALL WOMEN (In other words, a normal death.) THEN GOD HAS NOT SENT ME!"


Sunday July 28th, 1991 (Leander Ray Preaching)

Having the beam in your own eye and picking the mote in another's eye.

World's standard of judgment. Your (meaning mine) standard of righteousness has not been dealt with by the Holy Ghost.

Jezebel seduces the church. This is God's charge against the church. When children of God have sinned-----Fornication, adultery, and accuser of brethren with mankind and they have confessed their faults and repented, they are washed, sanctified and clean.

Then people dig up their sins. They are liars. God will deal with Jezebel -(MEANING ME.) It will not be tolerated. "THEY SHALL SLAUGHTER "YOU" LIKE AGAG - CUT HER IN PIECES!"

This is the letter that I wrote back to Vernon to his home and that I never received a reply to.


July 31, 1991

Dear Brother Vernon:

First of all, I'm sorry that I sent your mail to the wrong place. I had written Brooks Lussem Ins. by your name in our phone book and thought that is where you worked.

I knew that Bro. Goodwin had told everyone if they got any mail from me to send it back unopened, so I felt that if I sent it to your home, you would return it.

I had already given one to Lee Ray to give to you and he told me that he threw it away and wasn't even going to tell you that you had one. I had asked to talk to the Elders since Brother Goodwin will not hear me and your son, Glenn, told me that you and Lee Ray were the only two elders. I'm trying to do it the scriptural way. I felt that copies of the letters to L.L. Goodwin, pretty much explain themselves.

I finally did receive a response from your brother and I feel that I have done all that I can possibly do. He will not hear me.

Brother Vernon, I feel that you are a righteous man and I know that you are loyal to Bro. Goodwin, as I have been for many years.

Prov. 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. (5) Open rebuke is better than secret love.

Believe it or not, I am Bro.Goodwin's friend. I love him in Christ's love. If he goes down, my heart will not rejoice but I will weep for him because if he only would turn from his wicked ways, God would restore him. It's his choice.

But he denies everything. I really am not concerned about the petty lies that have been told about me, and he can deny it all he wants. I absolutely do have witnesses (credible witnesses) to prove defamation of character.

I'm enclosing a copy of his response, which has probably been posted on the bulletin board at church. Therefore I am making my response to you since neither he nor Lee Ray will hear me and I know the church has been so poisoned about me that they wouldn't listen if I did tell my side of it. I had asked for a church trial and that's been denied. By the way, if a church trial is permitted, I would ask that Bro. (Name withheld), my sister, Sharon, as well as many other that are no longer in the church, be there as my witnesses as well as for their own cases.

Brother Vernon, what he is doing MUST be stopped! Please read the enclosed letter of July 20, 1991. He must be stopped, not only for his own well being but that of many others whose lives have been ruined! I don't know how much you know, but if you know as an elder, and you don't do something to stop it, then you are just as guilty as he is!

I will swear on an oath that Sis June said that she knew for a fact that I had been to bed with over 50 men! Someone needs to explain to her and others what perjury is and the consequences. He has been very vocal with his threats and accusations and there are many credible witnesses.

I also know about Tort suits involving coercion, brainwashing, etc…. "I do have a mind of my own and I can think for myself."

It has never been my intention to malign or hurt anyone. I covered for him for 16 years.

"Nations fall, because good men do nothing."

Isaiah 25:2 "For thou hast made of a city an heap; of a defended city a ruin: a palace of strangers to be no city; it shall never be built (again) (7) And in this mountain, he will destroy the face of the covering cast over the people, and the veil that is spread over all nations."

(To me, even at the time, this was a prophetic word. I knew that this city meant the GAC church in Des Moines and that it would fall and never be built up again and that the covering or veil that was over the people would be destroyed, eventually and the people would start to see the truth. I have watched this happen. The next part of the letter deals with the letter that I had received from Lloyd Goodwin.)

As far as the determination of all policies and decisions of the church lying in the hands of the church elders. (Which from my understanding from your son, Glenn (as a constitutional lawyer) the only two elders are you and Lee Ray. Then it says, the church may suggest but we (the apostles?) Who are the other apostles? Of all my years in this fellowship, Lloyd Goodwin has been the one and only recognized apostle. But he did say The final determination of all matters pertaining to the church is in the hands of the leadership of the church. (LL Goodwin, Leander Ray and yourself.) Seeing that Lloyd Goodwin and Lee Ray are both doing things that need to be dealt with, it seems that the responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders, Brother Vernon. I feel you should contact some of the other ministers in the body, like Brother Archer, Brother Geary, Brother Mercer, etc... and let you all go together and deal with this situation. Especially since he has such a low opinion of women. David heeded Abigail's warning. What about Esther? God has used women many times. I am not exalted or puffed up in any way. I just know that God is using me. Really doesn't matter what others think.

By the way, my attorney is a Christian so if we do take this to law, it will not be before the unjust.

Brother Vernon, God will use you in a mighty way, if you allow it.

Sincerely in Christ,

Sister Wanda Mason

PS: By the way, I have never before in my life sent anything at all to Brooks Lussem Ins. Co. I will call Alane and get that straightened out. Also, if you would let Bro. Goodwin and Lee Ray know that I am aware of the threats about Jezebel and Agag. (The sermons going out at this time were about Jezebel who to him and the people meant "me." He was saying that what happened to Jezebel in the Bible (2 Kings 9) was going to happen to me.) See notes above.

Sixth Letter to Lloyd Goodwin