VARIOUS POEMS Ė By Sharon Netzer


Many roads in my lifetime Iíve taken.

Many paths my feet have trod upon.

Many places Iíve been and knew in my heart,

That these are only stepping-stones.

Stepping stones for one life of Godís creation,

How could I ever fully know the source.

As I step from one stone to the other.

In my heart I know that I have a choice.

Many choices, every day on my journey.

Like a tree with many branches I can soar.

And no matter which door I choose to enter.

The truth will let me vision even more.

How could I ever ask for more from you Lord?

After all the things youíve helped me do.

You were waiting for me at the end of every road.

And I thank you for the strength to help me through.

I know youíve crossed every valley.

Shining the light so I could see.

And the brightness of the truth I saw before me.

Knowing that this light would set me free.

Set me free from all doubt and confusion.

Not letting go of the hope I have within.

Such a freedom from the stress, which surrounds me.

Learning from the stepping-stones where I have been.



Question of Pain

As I look out over the calmness of the sea

I think of chaos and hear my brotherís plea

I feel the peace within my heart and how it was obtained

How my brothers and sisters

have broken hearts and suffer so much pain

Each man born without a flaw,

he came into this earth, does it matter where or when

or which mother gave him birth?

I think not my friend of flesh, it is the choices that brings us higher

Maybe its karma or just circumstance

It is exactly what we truly desire

Then why oh why do the innocent hurt

When no thing or being have they harmed

This question so prevalent in my mind

stands out with much alarm...

I know I may never know how this has come about

But the God of truth lets me know that he does know

Relieves my mind and diminishes doubt.

Some mysteries we will never know

much less to solve itís source

The only thing we all must do

is live and love by an Infinite force...

Each day we are given freely a brand new dawn

Another chance, another choice, all things are left behind

It is the greatest gift, besides our breath of life

The experience of knowing freedom

Greater than any earthly treasure we could ever find...

So rest my friend, enjoy your joys

Not fretting with darker plights

Accept the substance for which your made

Live each new day



By Sharon Netzer




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