By Sharon Netzer




There is an obstinate force, I feel,

Which is determined to be my foe.

It keeps me torn as to where I should be

And puzzled as to where I should go.


It keeps driving me – I know not where—

Yet I have fallen on my knees in despair.

Help me God, today, I pray,

Keep me in your care as a child of the day.


No matter how rough may be my plight,

Help me not to fail as a child of the night.

I don’t want things corrupt—I want what is good.

I want to walk in righteousness and portray the things I should.


The world holds no refuge for one in time of need,

It will laugh at you if you fail and scoff if you succeed.

But God is our only answer, and He is always there—

He understands our weaknesses and knows our every care.


Sn 9/2/75


This is a poem I wrote at the meeting in Kingsport TN at the convention.  I just would not let myself believe that this assembly was corrupt.  I kept telling myself it was me that had to work something out.  It was all my fault.  I truly wanted this to work.  I needed it, and did not want to let it go.  God spoke to me many times in poems. That was our way of communicating.



Contentment by Donna King