By Betty


Eyes of the Beholder

Grace and Beauty—restore it to me—
in some small measure worthy of thee.

I see so much ugly around me each day
with grubbing and grabbing every which way.

Let me see someone with love in their eyes
whose touch is so gentle and heart is so wise.

Let me find beauty in somebody's soul,
grace in their fingers and peace as their goal.


By Betty Edmondson


Whispering Dove

Ah! Sweet bird upon my sill,
I hear the message in your trill
telling me this is the day
to put my childish things away.

Where have you been—what have you seen—
that makes you hop about and preen?
You're calling me to follow you
from out this room into the blue.

My heart is filled with great elan—
My spirit can! My spirit can!
My wing-ed flight is sure and true
as I soar through the air with you.

My former world is minuscule
and holden up to ridicule,
when, HERE, there is no time or space,
no fences 'tween your place—my place


 (5/15/94) Betty Edmondson




The Soul is an island

Surrounded by sea,

Cast off from the mainland,

Independently free.


So much of the Soul

Is hidden from view,

Only the surface

Is open to you.


Alone in the ocean

It stands like a fort

With a moat all around it,

A get-away port.


But, far 'neath its borders

Of seashells and sand,


To its Fatherland.


Betty Edmondson – 1/11/01



These things I know—

that I have felt and touched and seen—

and words alone can't say

what Truth and Valor mean.

Life must take us by the hand

and we, like children, follow on behind;

and, maybe, at the end of Wisdom's Road,

we, too, can lead the blind.

Betty Edmondson