Glenn Goodwin’s account of the meeting in Houston, Texas

This was published on the Official Des Moines Gospel Assembly website in the Spring 2000 issue of their Newsletter. I mentioned one time on the message board that they had published pictures and an article about the different meetings around the country and how they had made it sound as if they were in fellowship with Brother Billy Brown and the Houston Gospel Assembly Church. Later, when I wanted to point this out to Brother Brown, the article and all the pictures had been deleted. I wonder why? The rest of the articles are there? I was going through my files the other day and came across that Newsletter that I had printed off in entirety. So I scanned the pictures and article and decided to publish part of them here so that Brother Brown and the people in the Houston Assembly can see how they were portrayed as “coming together.” Of course, we who were members in the Des Moines Gospel Assembly Church know the real agenda here and would like to warn those other Gospel Assembly Churches who may be thinking about giving them the right hand of fellowship, that they had better beware. Their agenda happens to be Lloyd Goodwin’s agenda.

Gospel of Peace Newsletter – Page 10

Gospel Assembly Church, Houston, Texas

Brother (??) and Brother Glenn Goodwin Houston, Texas Fellowship Meeting.

Brother and Sister (?), Brother John P. Marlow, Brother (?) Houston, Texas Fellowship Meeting

Ministry – Houston, Texas Fellowship Meeting

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