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Living Son

More Than A Friend

The Harvest

I Was There

Jesus Must Have Been A Hippie

Company Of Angels

Cry For Rain

New Beginnings

Love Waxed Cold

My Life For You

Faye’s Song

Earthen Vessel



Faye & Joey - 2000



WhiteStone Ministries

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Faye & Joey - 2002


Joey has spent years writing these songs and each one has its own story to tell. He met Louis Drapp who is the owner and producer of Drapp studios in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2001. Joey and Louis produced the entire CD, including all background music and singing in this CD, which was released in, may of 2002. Joey played the Piano and Drums and Louis played the guitar and other music. I was amazed when Joey said that no one else was doing backup or anything other than himself and Mr. Drapp.  Although I am his aunt and his mother is my sister, Sharon Netzer, I am not ashamed of getting the word out there about this beautiful, anointed music CD.  I would do this for anyone with such a beautiful talent who is using it for the lord.

We hope that you take the time to listen to the sound bites and that you are touched by the words and music.  Joey has a beautiful testimony of how the Lord brought him to this time of his life. He is married to a beautiful lady, Faye, and they live in Oklahoma.  The songs on the CD tell much of their story. The WhiteStone Ministry is very much a family effort in that the songs contained on the WhiteStone CDs were written and co-written by all of the family members.

My own prayer for Joey and his future in the music industry is that he will continue to use it for the Lord and that first and foremost that he will continue to seek first the kingdom of heaven and the righteousness of god so that all the rest can be added to him in time. (Aunt Wanda)

The second CD, N-2-The Deep, is also available at the above email address. A third CD is in the works.