I just want to make it clear that these are my opinions only. It is the way that I see it. The purpose of my putting this here is merely to show people the deceitful practices of Lloyd Goodwin and those who follow in his footsteps. What was done here was technically legal. However it was morally illegal because of the many lies that were told to us to cause us to part with our money so these men could live in luxury.

I am well aware that Lloyd Goodwin had an apartment set aside for his own use but to my knowledge, he never lived there nor did his wife, Martha Jane (June) Goodwin. I have been told that people saw him go there many times and wondered what it was he was doing all those times in an empty apartment?????? Perhaps the purpose of the apartment was for the intent of being able to use it as a scapegoat so that 7135 Meredith Drive could be used as a residence address even though they never lived there. This is just supposition on my part.

My purpose here is just to show people the depths of deceit that he went to as to hide the fact that he had a legal document saying the parsonage and car was to be given to June after his death. The whole thing, in my opinion, is very fishy! Then the fact that Glenn Goodwin sold his own house to the church and is living there tax and rent free from our hard earned money while we have to pay taxes and house payments. It is morally criminal. This is my opinion.

In 1966 he sold his own furniture to the church then he and June used it.


In 1971 he bought a piece of property for $5000.00 and gave it to the church so that the church could build him and June a new home, garage and all the landscaping etc... Since it was classified as a parsonage, they paid no taxes for the entire time that they lived there, which would be close to 25 years. He told us many times that he didn't own anything, not the house he lived in or the car that he drove. What he neglected to tell us was about the following documents (or partial documents).

Clip is from ZOLA KAY REALTY Document # 31900520

If at ANY time either before or AFTER said buildings are constructed, Lloyd L. Goodwin and Martha Jane Goodwin, either or both request the Gospel Assembly Church to convey the Real Estate described to either or both Lloyd L. Goodwin or Martha Jane Goodwin etc......WHAT A SETUP!

Clip is from an Agreement recorded in court Document # 31806 August 19, 1971. Page 486 - 487

In his last will, signed the day of his death, he gives his last address showing THE HOUSE IN WHICH I LIVE at 8521 NW 54th Avenue, then gives the legal description. IT DOESN'T SAY HIS LAST RESIDENCE ADDRESS IS 7135 MEREDITH DRIVE.........

He then goes on to say that the house is to be given to his wife as shown in the above document from 1971. From what I've heard, she sold it for a couple of hundred thousand dollars and kept the money, tax free even though Lloyd Goodwin told us he didn't even own the house or car which he also left to her. This was on top of all the cash that was left from his life insurance and savings. She made out like a bandit. Even though it was the people of the church that paid for it with hard earned, sacrificial money.

Clippings are from the REPORT AND INVENTORY that was made by Lloyd Goodwin's attorney, Glenn Goodwin. Page 1

Notice that it states that the RESIDENCE OF THE SURVIVING SPOUSE IS 7135 MEREDITH DRIVE, two times! When did June Goodwin move to the church property? There are at least FOUR places in these documents that list her address as 7135 MEREDITH DRIVE AND ONE that lists Lloyd Goodwin's as 7135 Meredith Drive. But he lists it in his own will as 8521 NW 54th STREET. What is going on here?

This is from Page 3 of the FINAL REPORT WRITTEN BY GLENN GOODWIN. My question is "If Lloyd Goodwin, the DECEDENT did not own any real estate located in this State or anywhere, HOW COULD HE LEAVE IT TO JUNE? (I know that he had the other document from 1971and I suppose that the $5000.00 listed in the next clip is the loop hole to that, my opinion mind you, but still morally illegal.


Here again, Glenn says that: - Lloyd Goodwin owned only $5000.00 which he stated in Schedule E that it was Various cash, etc. (1/2 of value) In E - 1 - That he owned NONE. Then in F. - He says that he owned NONE. So basically, Glenn is saying that Lloyd Goodwin owned NO other property than was listed in the Report and Inventory which you will see by clicking HERE.

GLENN EVEN CERTIFYS UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY THAT ALL THIS IS TRUE AND CORRECT when he knew what the moral facts were. That was probably not a crime in the court's eyes but a moral crime in my eyes.