ON JUNE 29, 1991

These notes were made by one of the young women who attended this service and thought that I should know what was being said. I won't reveal her name because her family is still there. This was a reaction to the last letter that I had written to him, Letter Three.

 "It's a fact that people in this church have found the first resurrection."

 "Not everyone is to be here, if they are not to be here, then they must be thrown out." Only the children of God are to be here."

 "There are women who have left this church who say they are close to God and have peace in their hearts but they are ungodly women." (He was talking about Kim and myself.)

 "Most people look clean on the outside but are so dirty on the inside."

 "Jesus never throws off on the devil." He realizes that the devil is the prince of a Kingdom. The devil's kingdom is larger than Christ's kingdom at the present time."

 "The angels don't gossip, that is reserved for the ignorant child of God."


These notes were somewhat to be expected because Lloyd Goodwin was so guilty inside. Especially the one that says "Most people look clean on the outside but are so dirty on the inside." I've heard it said that if you want to know what a person is doing privately, just listen to them for a while and see what they "obsess" about. Why would he say, "Jesus never throws off on the devil?" Were we throwing off on the devil when we said something about him? I believe that he was an extremely tormented human being.