Acts 2:46 - And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart,


Back in 1993 I saw a segment on "Good Morning America" about a Hamburger Fest being held in Seymour, Wisconsin. That town claims to have been the place where the hamburger was invented at the county fair. I wrote to the mayor of the town and asked him if he would like to have a real hamburger at their celebration. The result was that my wife and I were invited to come up and act as grand marshals of their parade. Of course, we accepted. Our local paper had a big write-up about it and the paper in Seymour made a big deal of it. The Hamburger Fest features ketchup slides, bun throwing, pickle and hamburger eating contests, etc. The main attraction is a 2000 lb. hamburger cooked on a massive grill. We had a ball. To honor the occasion I wrote the following poem:




Some people laugh and make fun of me,

Being a Hamburger is a lot of fun you see;

It doesn't matter wherever I go,

From Boston to Miami to San Francisco;

Wherever people are having fun,

You'll find me tucked away in a bun.

Who wants to fool with a fat rare steak?

When they can have a hamburger and a shake.

Hotdogs somehow aren't held in the same regard

As a hamburger with ketchup, relish, onion and mustard.

Take your high society pheasant under glass;

A big juicy hamburger fits my class.

You may prefer Creole blackened fish,

But a charbroiled hamburger is my dish.

Chicken is a tasteless dirty fowl

Compared to hamburger it is just a tough old owl.

I'll turn up my nose at a thick pork chop,

But give me a hamburger and I won't stop.

Of all the food in my cookbook,

Hamburger is all that warrants a second look.

So head for Seymour and its 2000 pounder,


While all the hamburger lovers gather round her;

We're going to eat and laugh and advocate

That hamburger is really something to celebrate


By: Wayne Hamburger No kidding!