The Gospel of Peace Newsletter

March - April, 1982

(First Newsletter - Goodwin died in 1996)

I just thought that this would show how Lloyd Goodwin took people from other assemblies. This is how many of the people that he had in his church, including us, came to be here. The following words are from the Newsletter.


The Eledge family (Greg, Jackie, Bridget, and Grant) listening to Brother Goodwin on KWKY radio here in Des Moines, Iowa.

The Eledge family moved to Des Moines from Garden Grove, California in 1980. The hunger that every true child of God has for the Word of God was assuaged when Brother Goodwin ministered in their assembly in Garden Grove over a period of five years, covering 1975 -1980. The words that Brother Goodwin spoke illuminated their minds and their understanding in a way that they had never known. Etc., etc., became alive, and gave them a vision such as they had never known. Paul said in II Timothy 3:10, "…thou hast fully known my doctrine…." The words of Brother Goodwin became their words, and it was now their revelation.

However, they were sadly disappointed when their pastor in Garden Grove shut the door on the message and the messenger. Their only desire had been to build up their own church, but the time came when they were faced with a decision. They made that decision when their pastor told his congregation that he did not want Brother Goodwin's name mentioned in his church again, and challenged anyone that did not like it to leave the assembly. The ushers held the doors open for all who wished to leave. When this happened the Eledges, along with another family, Charles and Carol Frey, walked out of the church. They made the move to Des Moines, Iowa in September 1980.

Sister Jackie states, "We have never been happier! My husband has the best job that he has ever had. My children attend the Christian school. We love the church, its fellowship, and the church order. And finally the leadership under Brother Goodwin is incomparable to what we were accustomed to."

This proves again that God is still leading His sheep, even as the Lord spoke to Brother Goodwin, telling him……. "It is good that thou shouldest take hold of this; yea, also from this withdraw not thine hand: for he that feareth God shall come forth of them all." Eccles. 7:18. It was God that brought the Eledge family to us "forth of them all." We thank God for them and the strength they add to the church.